Spring Bacchanal with Winemaker Ken Wright

Roti Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan
Tasted Friday, April 25, 2014 by chatters with 124 views


Billed as a tasting but more like a rock up and get drunk session. Really good food, free beer on tap as well and a series of interesting wines that I had never had exposure to before. I went with Tutu and he gave me an hour head start to get into my tasting. Missed out on the Syrah as time was pressing.

Flight 1 - Bracket one - sparkling on entry (1 Note)

Given a glass of indifferent fizz

Flight 2 - Bracket two - whites (14 Notes)

Hmm. This selection reinforced the fact that, for me, Australia is the best producer of new world Chardonnay. Nothing really to get excited about here for me. The Waterbook Melange Blanc 2007 was still rather surprisingly showing plenty of primary fruit. The Ken Wright Pinot Blanc was also impressive. I tried the semillons and blends prior to ploughing through the chardonnays.

Flight 3 - Bracket three - reds (17 Notes)

I liked the Ken Wright Pinot's as a group. Of the Cabs and Cab based blends, the OS winery BSH was good, the L'Ecole Merlot nice and the Textbook, well, quite like a warm climate ripe textbook cab sav…Generally I thought the cabs better than the Pinots though all three Ken Wright Pinot's looked good.


Interesting tasting - not much worked for me but I was recoving from a bit of a head cold so I'm not sure if that impacted anything - it hasn't really affected my nose or palate in any other way, though. Most wines were from Oregon or Washington and reflected the imports of Orca International to Japan.