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  • Andrew67 says:

    1/23/2016 2:25:00 AM - Hi chatters. I PnP the Senejac. Agree that had I decanted for a couple of hours it might have been a better experience. Never mind - I have another 11 bottles to enjoy over time.

  • BuzzzzOff says:

    9/24/2015 6:55:00 PM - Ah, well, weakness is OkeyDokey! We are working on a 1999 champagne tasting for next week. Dom, Salon, Alfred Gratien and Henri Giraud. Hoping to find a Selosse as well, but unlikely. That will be a fun day! Looking forward to reading more #3 notes primarily because we have been told by sommelier friends not to do WSET and, well, we rarely go out given all our wine is on site :-)

  • Aaron Edwards says:

    8/26/2015 11:43:00 PM - No problems mate. Other than that it's a great site/ program!

  • Aaron Edwards says:

    8/26/2015 5:13:00 PM - Hi David, Great to catch up again last night. Don't know how to send a message other than on this board! Can I send a message directly to you?

  • capacious says:

    8/25/2015 2:54:00 AM - You asked about my comment on the 09 beaucastel- I was saying that as a split, a 375 ml bottle, it is drinking well and what I could have said was that it's a precocious wine, performing better than I'd expect for this maker and I'm guessing that's because of the more rapid evolution in a small format

  • Andrew67 says:

    8/9/2015 5:27:00 AM - Hi chatters, the Senejac 2009 was PnP. After 2 hours would say the comments are the same though. Wine remains quite tight - the fruit is there which makes me think it will get better in a few years.

  • partylikeakennedy says:

    7/21/2015 9:12:00 AM - True!! I'm always up to try something even if I'm wary of it! Well, with the exception of Barefoot Moscato....ha ha. I was a little bummed out over that Margaux though, as I've heard all kinds of great stuff about the '09 vintage! You're right, time will tell. And we'll be around to offer our assessments! :D

  • partylikeakennedy says:

    7/20/2015 7:36:00 AM - I'm actually not sure (re: your comment about the '09 La Tour de Mons Margaux). I know that the wine WAS decanted prior to the tasting event that day, although I don't know for how long. I would imagine not much would change though -- the palate was really rather boring. Not bad, but just not very interesting or complex. I can't say that I'm all that surprised though -- it's a $30 Margaux. So at that price point, you can't expect TOO much! If it's too good to be true, it probably is... ;D Cheers! Have a great day!

  • galewskj says:

    6/14/2015 5:50:00 PM - In regards to the 2008 Pegau, the bottles that my friend gave me have been consistent with the bottles I have consumed previously. I believe his dislike was purely from a stylistic or personal response. I know of people who complain about significant bottle variation from the same source. Of course, bad bottles happen, but that hasn't happened for me with this wine any more than with other wines. 2008 Pegau is definitely a funky old school off-vintage wine, but for the right price, I'm happy to drink it. Cheers.

  • wine strategies says:

    6/1/2015 8:56:00 PM - G'day, Chatters. Enjoy your notes, keep up the fine work

  • texanoblues says:

    3/19/2015 6:35:00 AM - Hi Chatters. Let me know how your bottle of 2010 Henri Gouges Burgundy goes. The experience I had was rather unusual. Perhaps one hour after opening, the aroma coming from the bottle itself was absolutely stunning (beautiful floral and red fruit, no sulfur), while the aroma/taste from a poured glass was riddled (going to steal that from you) with sulfur. You can imagine how frustrating this was! This trend continued until the very last glass I poured (about 24hrs after opening), which was a magnificent glass, and finally free of sulfur. At any rate, good luck with yours and please let me know if you're aware of any solution to this type of problem.

  • StefanAkiko says:

    12/4/2014 11:25:00 PM - My next trip to Oz may happen already in 2015, but then again, it isn't my call. Let's hope for the best!

  • StefanAkiko says:

    12/4/2014 7:45:00 AM - FYI: L'Effervescence in Tokyo just recieved their 2nd Michelin Star. Well deserved, but still not enough IMHO. Cheers!

  • wizlb says:

    7/11/2014 11:31:00 PM - Let's try to catch up for a glass of wine next number is 0424 383 600, Brian...

  • wizlb says:

    7/4/2014 9:08:00 PM - chatters, Are you in Sydney?

  • StefanAkiko says:

    5/21/2014 3:29:00 PM - Getting there! I feel even better now :-) Have had a most excrusciating week in Austria, teching kendo to their young, but very promising National Kendo Team. All of the time: beer. But on Friday: wine tastings and I have space for bringing 12 btls back home to Yapan.

  • StefanAkiko says:

    5/20/2014 1:29:00 AM - Thankyou for a most thorough answer to my worries. I feel calm now :-)

  • StefanAkiko says:

    5/20/2014 12:13:00 AM - As it seems in Oz, a wine with just the slightest hint of petrochemistry will automatically be discarded as flawed or second or poured out. Seems to be a mass delusion of some kind? Just like Brett, in some groups, is conscidered a flaw as soon as it's detected. Is it because in Oz the slightest hint of petrochem means that the wine (in the future) risks being overthrown?

  • StefanAkiko says:

    5/19/2014 4:36:00 PM - Whenever I drink aged Rieslings (predominantly Mosel) I personally think they lack an important component if they don't have the petrochemical aspects. I do enjoy them. Just as I enjoy Brett, oak and so many other great things, including well aged cheese.

  • Ken332 says:

    4/15/2014 6:25:00 AM - Thank you for your comments on the 2004 Senejac. This has been one of my favorite inexpensive Bordeaux for several years and I look forward to finishing my last 3 bottles. Hard to imagine Bordeaux getting much better than this at this price range. -Ken332

  • StefanAkiko says:

    4/7/2014 10:29:00 AM - Because time is short, I think that there is only a chance at Tani or La Rochelle. They are similarly priced and I'd recommend Tani for the atmosphere and La Rochelle for the slightly more elevated kitchen. L'Effervescence is one of the best French restaurants in the World. But diiiiiifficult to book... Around 10-13 000 JPY for the chef's special menu and 2500-3000 JPY for corkage. Please make up your mind rather quickly, as the restaurants will be fully booked before you know it. Will you go alone or with your friend?

  • StefanAkiko says:

    3/30/2014 8:34:00 PM - On the 19th of April, I leave Japan. If you come before that or stay for a while, I’ll be ready for a proper drink in Tokyo again on May 2nd. Highly recommended BYOB French dining: L’Effervescence, La Rochelle ‘Sanno’ (not their restaurant in Omotesando) and Restaurant Tani in Gaienmae. If you want great Japanese cuisine, we’d warmly recommend our two water holes: DEN in Jinboucho and ICHI-E in Hiroo, both with great selections of saké. All suggestions are fabulous and decently priced as well. We would be delighted to help you book and prepare the chefs for allergies, no-no foods etc. As far as tasting/buying goes, there is no favourite shop for us. Simply because we usually buy online with home delivery. Tasting wise, most shops offer wines by the glass and the Riedel Bars (scattered about, Google Maps will help you locate them) usually have at least a few good ones by the glass. If whiskey is anywhere on your list, there is an outstanding place called The Milestone Bar in Yoyogi-Uehara. They have the most extensive collection of whiskeys I’ve ever enjoyed. Please let me know if we can be of assistance; stefan (a) sorubin . se is more convenient.

  • veugelenw says:

    1/5/2014 1:39:00 PM - Hi, Thx for accepting my request. I read you were based in Sydney so we may run into eachother at a future tasting :) I have done my WSET course in North Ryde, I think that's the only place hosting the courses on a frequent basis, isn't it? Did you do yours there as well?

  • StefanAkiko says:

    12/6/2013 11:54:00 AM - In 2016 there will be a special March festivities weekend in or around Melbourne. An Aussie friend and I will enjoy finally reaching maturity in each others' company. Not Sydney that time, I'm afraid. BTW: In 2016 it will be exactly 30 years since I was in Sydney. Need to return there one of those days.

  • StefanAkiko says:

    12/5/2013 2:30:00 PM - A lot of message in that "hmm" :-) Thanks for taking the time to share your deeper thoughts with this matter. And, BTW, Oz is where we will follow through with some 1966'ers 50 yrs party including '66 Latour, ’66 notyetbought Port and a bag of other similar (hopeful) gems.

  • Average Wine Guy (MH) says:

    9/25/2013 9:13:00 PM - Thanks for your question on the 2001 Grant Burge Meshach. I've replied you on your question as a comment in my note for the benefit of every viewer. Hope it'll be useful to you! Cheers

  • StefanAkiko says:

    9/13/2013 1:45:00 PM - Thankyou for your re-comment on 2005 Fontanafredda Barolo.

  • Harley1199 says:

    6/6/2013 10:59:00 PM - Hi Chatters, Oliver then for our preferences...honestly have to say that Bradley's star system is very easy to follow and the early drink by dates very useful often. Visiting old Europe soon? May I recommend 2001 Rioja Alta 904? Sincerely a terrific value for something great in my modest opinion. Cheers

  • Harley1199 says:

    6/6/2013 1:31:00 AM - How are you doing chatters? Nice email. My taste, despite my pocket, always is ready for an older CF. I am remembering last 92 SA or that 81 Cheval Blanc and have to recognise that only a few can match that quality and finesse. Just my modest opinion. John Riddoch 2003. Well, I'm a Bradley follower when talking about Aussies bottles. His books helped me a lot in the past. Maybe I'm absolutely wrong but with not bad at all experiences. Only have a doubt cause I am pretty sure it would be delicious when 15 years old. Think I am going to change my mind about this CS. Fox Creek 98 as a good substitute for next Christmas lunch? Possibly you're right again but I have to think what my family likes and probably an Aussie Shiraz is to go too far, too new for them. Anyway I've to confess that a few years ago an Underhill Yarra Yering 99 was a complete success. It'll be reserved for my own pleasure with 16 years on. Last matter that fantastic 95 Rioja Alta 890... What more can I say? For me it is a great pleasure giver at this point but a long way runner ready for a long lasting? Hmmm who knows. I'm curious, how much it costs down under? Cheers until the last drop,

  • Harley1199 says:

    6/4/2013 11:13:00 PM - Hi down under, First of all thank you for your quick and gentle answers. Expansive? For sure! But I'm pretty convinced those tasting events are to be remembered for decades. Maybe you're like me coz I'd rather prefer the perfum coming from a Margaux, much better than all that greenish aspects of a young Cheval Blanc. Nose comes first! In spite of this, I really appreciate an oldie CF perhaps for its uniqueness. Mood also has something to say with that I've to admit. Just one more question, I'm curious sorry... I knew we've a few bottles in common, including a 2003 John Riddoch C that I want to drink next Xmas time, what do you think? Cheers from Spain,

  • Rupert Degas says:

    5/12/2013 1:01:00 AM - Hi Chatters, I too was at the Langton's tasting the other night. Maybe at the next one we can say hi to each other. I was also at the Andrew Caillard Penfolds Masterclass last Tuesday - were you there too? Thank you so much for all your notes - bloody amazing. Even though I too am WEST certified, I wish I had the patience to make notes the way you have. All the best - great cellar by the way! Cheers Rupert

  • graemeg says:

    10/26/2010 7:01:00 PM - Sorry for not replying - only just found this feature! The NRs are a private dining club (11 of us) who meet once a month for a wine dinner on a theme. So it's really 'by private invite' - friends-of-friends kind of thing. Last dinner this year is next week. But we do have guests along from time to time, esp. if our numbers are down one night. I'll bear it in mind...