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  • 2012 Fisher Vineyards Chardonnay Mountain Estate

    The Fisher's will be proud of this one for years. A classic example of a Greenish gold Chard (The picture loaded may do justice, but I am not certain). Medium legs. Refreshing, and a notch above Chard. Light toast on the nose, floral, lemon, orange and peach. On the palate- on the dry side, peach, honey and lemon. Something sweet on the background (could be almondish?) medium finish.
    It is different than other chards we had before. And in a very very good way. The oak is more notable than other chardonnays, as well as the color (it is actually the 'greenest' greenish-gold one I've seen for a long time). Good work. Planning to revisit in the near future. Will age nicely for 8-10 years in proper storage

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  • 2006 Dolce Winery Late Harvest

    Black Cat 101 (Undisclosed Italian Location in NY, NY): First thing first- it is clearly brighter color (compared with the ’97), but what a beautiful amber/gold. Balanced on the nose, and the right ratio of honey/caramel notes that does not overpower your nose and palate. I would say it’s about the right amount of sweetness for my (very infrequent) tasting of dessert wines, and a wonderful companion to the desserts set we picked (especially worked well with the olive oil cake). Peach and apricot on the nose and palate, honey on the palate, shorter finish than the ’97 but it is far more complete/balance. Better selection for finishing of the cab lines tasting. Your opinion/preference may vary.

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  • 1997 Dolce Winery Late Harvest

    Black Cat 101 (Undisclosed Italian Location in NY, NY): It is a matter of personal preference. If one likes their dessert wines more ‘heavy’, then the ’97 is your choice. It comes ‘packed’ with a smoky/’oaky’ aroma, more of the toast and caramel, and dark, dark amber color. (I believe one taster took a picture, so we’d ask them). The finish of the ’97 is longer than the ’06 but I think not as balanced as the ’06. The honey taste is also very notable, but I would say the caramel is more upfront. The peach fruits were not as strong compared to the earthy tastes of the wine.
    IMHO, it is somewhat less balanced than the ’06 at this time. 89-90

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  • Wine-Strategies says:

    6/24/2014 6:34:00 AM - Hello, odds In fact I have not had any of Marc's wines lately. They are not in Colorado. I've always sourced mine from San Jose or SoCal areas beyond the ones I've brought back myself when I'm in Alsace. Tentative plans have me in Italy for all of Oct and Nov, and if I end up going, I'll no doubt make a quick side trip to Strasbourg to see friends (from there the train is just 30 minutes to Colmar, the gateway to Alsace). If you come across some of Marc's Cru wines, please drop me a line, I'd love to grab some. thanks for the message, cheers,