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  • spo says:

    5/31/2011 11:40:00 PM - Like your notes on Washington. You are lucky to live in that area.

  • RationalDenial says:

    6/8/2010 6:10:00 AM - You had a comment a couple weeks ago about laying down Veuve. If you must... How long they'll go varies a little bit release to release, but these wines are now released much earlier than previously (keeping up with demand), so there's an argument that you should be laying them down 2-3 years. That said, I don't know that they're going to get any better past 4-5 years; it's not a wine that's built for the long haul. And given there's a lot of... let's call them "less industrial" champagnes out there that would be better to have in your cellar, I'd drink 'em now. Cheers.

  • rjhilgers says:

    5/16/2010 3:25:00 PM - just saw the message board section on my home page. sorry about the delay. eric - thanks. looks like slave2thevine and i are the ones that keep coming back to the comment well. hope all is well with you. maliblue - thanks for the offer - i'm on way too many allocation lists at this point and i'm going to have to decide which ones i want to stay on. so, will be hanging tight with the ones i have now. slave2thevine - interesting note on the scarecrow. considering that screaming eagle is over $700 on allocation right now, i guess one could consider the scarecrow a bargain? crazy.

  • Kirk Grant says:

    3/5/2010 9:31:00 AM - Just wanted to comment about your note on the Scarecrow. These are wines that (from my limited experience) show their stuffing in the second and third day. I had a 2005 last year and was not pleased with it at all the first day. I saved half the bottle to re-taste the next day and it was a whole different wine. If you have an allocation for the 2007 vintage I'd jump and place that order asap. As to the price increase...there was an interview with Celia where she said she never saw the price going higher than $150/bottle. Goes to show that business is still business. My guess is the price will continue to increase until people stop buying the wines.

  • Maliblue says:

    3/3/2010 12:24:00 PM - Hey RJ...question for you about mailing lists/allocations. I am a relative newby to CellarTracker and was curious if folks are looking to gain access to some lists or the allocations. I was on a roll a couple of years ago and signed up for some, bought some and not others...would hate to lose my spot if someone else might be interested. Levy McClellan/ Corra/ Blackbird/ etc...

  • Eric says:

    2/27/2010 4:25:00 PM - Hey RJ, you're out of the gates as the leading comment poster, congrats!