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2009 Domaine de Chevalier Pessac-Léognan Red Bordeaux Blend
3/31/2020 - fc1910 wrote:
91 points
From half bottle to pair some roasted high class ecological chicken legs,
overripeness on the nose at first, like some mature Rioja GR, this blows of after an hour, now ripe black fruit, meaty, cigar tobacco,
right from the start a rich, nearly jammy fruit, blueberry, plums, blackberry, reminds me of an very good Priorato, so this bottle is not a typical classic Bordeaux due to this very unusual vintage and the small format of this bottle, mid- to fullbodied, quiet silky driven, but with a very good structure through the lively tannin, long+ juicy dark fruit finish, I do think now it will start its prime in normal bottles in 3- 5 years, **(**-?), 91-93(+) potential
  • fc1910 commented:

    3/31/20, 11:19 PM - Hi SRH,
    thank you for your comment!
    As a winenerd for more than half of my life I am always curious to compare bottlings by bottle size.
    I am sure that bottle size matters evidently! The bigger a bottle the longer you can keep a wine under same conditions.
    So I sometimes use half bottles to get a first glance on a wine and if there is a chance to get some, very often try to purchase Magnums+.
    Luckily there is a case of three MGs of this wine waiting for me!

    Magnum+ is best!
    A Champagne, a great Riesling GG, and mature Bordeaux for sure are grateful to be served in big bottles!

    And your fellow wine nerds you share this bottle with as well! :)
    Cheers from Hamburg

2017 Hexamer Riesling Porphyr Nahe
1/18/2020 - dlowrey99 wrote:
Much more sweetness than expected for an off-dry feinherb. Fine wine, but nothing overly remarkable.
  • fc1910 commented:

    3/21/20, 12:19 PM - Hi DLOWREY99,
    thank you for being a fan!
    As I glanced on your TN´s I found this posting.
    If this wine is a feinherb, it is an off-dry wine, so you got this very tasty sweet fruit showing young, great with food!
    Cheers from Hamburg

2010 La Rioja Alta Rioja Gran Reserva 904 Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
3/20/2020 - fc1910 Likes this wine:
94 points
Bought this bottle yesterday, curious to know if there is something new to spot on the LRA horizon, as you might have read I am among the critics of the for me "new" or lets say "everybodys darling" style from Rioja.
Since the 2001 vintage I found most of the filled bottles from LRA too less Rioja origin style, which means not really made for the long haul, low ABV, very elegant without much weight, and for a long life ahead if young with a demanding acidity, we or better I cannot escape the fact that most of the LRA Gran Reservas y Reservas come along with a juicy fullbodied fruit to impress young since 2001,
after this introduction of my thoughts lets pnp!
Initially this shows a strong note of licorice and tar, but in a very good way, on the palate licorice again, the american oak with nutty, earthy and smoky aromas, fresh, no....., lets say lively fruit on the midpalate, more red fruit driven at the moment, the again 13,5% alcohol is very well covered and balanced by the enormous pronounced acid, mouthfilling after swallowing, ripe tannin, this wine is a baby so far but that delicious tonight, cause in this case the bodega has found the right proportions between drinkability young and if you like, to cellar this one easily two decades(+), since the 2001 vintage the first really great showing in my honest opinion, highly recommended! **(* *-*****), 93-96(+) potential in a decade+!

And I forgot to post something about the incredible QPR, this is one of the blue chips from the whole wine world, you can buy this for around 35-40€, dollars, pounds etc, you get an extraordinary quality and for me the best argument, you are free to enjoy this bottling during the next decades, so there are many reasons to purchase at least one whole case.

Update 24 hours later: nothing has changed essentially, refined showing with great elegance, fresh fruit and this vibrant mouthwatering acidity!
  • fc1910 commented:

    3/21/20, 1:49 AM - Hi CT- crowd,
    I do thank you all for reading my TN!
    This is very motivating!
    Cheers from hamburg

2012 Dönnhoff Hermannshohle Riesling Großes Gewächs Nahe
3/9/2020 - fc1910 wrote:
88 points
Again a very rich in sweet fruit and fullbodied, high alcoholic (13,5%) showing, had two glasses on different occasions the last year, no formal notes, but was not really convinced, a little flabby on the palate,
this full bottle has very supporting acid in the background, the fruit again for me is too sweet on the palate, some petrol though, apricot and mango, rich but with a whiff of sweetness which for me leads to a a slightly diffuse showing, do not know if this will change again, young I was very convinced of this Dönnhoff Hermannshöhle 2012 GG, the lively acid indicates some life ahead, hopefully this all comes together again, but tonight the for me way too sweet fruit covers all, for instance the mineralic saltiness and worse, the Riesling tension, lets wait and hope for positive improvement, drink this one well cooled! **(*-?), for tonight around 87,88
4/9/2020: update, I am afraid, but the last quarter of this bottle is more flabby than yesterday, I am really horrified now!
  • fc1910 commented:

    3/10/20, 6:50 AM - Hi Mahatma Chianti and girlbo,
    thank you very much for your comments. It always gives me an impetus to continue writing TNs here on CT!
    Unfortunately I did not have a bad day yesterday, it was clearly the bottles fault! :)
    And as I told the crowd in my TN, I did have two glasses of this 2012 GG stuff in the same condition during last year, too!
    I am wondering why most of the recently tasted bottles seamed to be much better.
    Maybe there is bottle variation. But never had this with Dönnhoff bottlings before.
    Lets wait and see and hope for the best!
    Cheers from HAmburg

2017 Jean Stodden Recher Herrenberg Spätburgunder Großes Gewächs Ahr
Tour VDP.GROSSE LAGE 2020 (chamber of commerce) IHK Handelskammer, Hamburg): One glass, brief note: clearly more richness in fruit than the two before, precise black fruit, some mineralic hints, purity of burgundy, long+ with a very supporting acid, long life ahead, *(***-*****), 93,94(+) potential
  • fc1910 commented:

    1/29/20, 12:22 AM - Hi MJReb,
    uuupps! Seems to be that I was really impressed by the Nahe Rieslings...., thanks for being my attentive editor!
    Cheers from hamburg

1973 Marqués de Riscal Rioja Reserva Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
1/3/2020 - fc1910 Likes this wine:
94 points
Received a parcel from origin, concrete from Bilbao, one hour+ by motorway from La Rioja on the last days of December, some old and very old bottles from the iberic peninsula, mainly Rioja Reservas.
Opened this bottle tonight, label nearly destroyed but vintage 1973 legible, opened easily by Durand, the best in my honest opinion for old+ bottle cork treatment, very healthy garnet colour indicating a good bottle, very fine nose, cherry fruit, very pure and delicate, spices, a little licorice and tar, forest floor, lightbodied, the pure finesse, multilayered aromas, very long finish with still very lively and therefore supporting acidity, outstanding today but will keep this condition under good storing conditions for a long time more, I would like to recommend every CT-user to try some old Rioja bottles from great vintages if possible, much more affordable than old french bottles and from the (few) great vintages nearly always a treat! ****-****(*)
  • fc1910 commented:

    1/4/20, 4:25 AM - Hola de nuevo a Madrid!
    Feliz ano nuevo!
    Yesterday at that moment 94 fc1910 points, -4 for not being extraordinary ( Iwas not going gaga over ;-)), -1 for some "lacking" depth, -1 for persistence, en total 94 at about 22:00 GMT, Hamburg, Germany! ;-)
    For me this rating is not hewn in stone, just to give the CT- crowd with one short glance a hint about an outstanding bottle.
    un abrazo desde hamburgo

2015 Passopisciaro Etna Passorosso Etna DOC Nerello Mascalese
12/19/2019 - fc1910 Likes this wine:
91 points
Three small glasses from coravin: added two more because this for me unknown wine is very delicious, very pale in colour, reminds me of a burgundy, nose of some red cassis and raspberry, the fruit fresh and savoury not as I believed before rich and juicy, italian pizza herbs, finesse all the way, for me a very positive surprise, will improve but I would not assume this is made for the long haul, pop and enjoy, great showing, ***-(****), 91(+) potential
  • fc1910 commented:

    12/19/19, 11:57 AM - Hi Mr. Cooper,
    thank you for your feedback!
    There were very few bottles available, but staying curious helps to find more treasures!
    Cheers from Hamburg

Rosé - Sparkling
N.V. Billecart-Salmon Champagne Brut Rosé Champagne Blend
Next bottle of this for me REFERENCE standart, or lets say "entry level" Rose Champagne, o.k., entry level maybe is a little confusing if you think about the price tag.....,
started with a fresh red fruit fragrance on the nose, straw- and raspberry, on the palate savoury fruit presence and in the backgroung slightly red tea aromas, may be peal of red fruit and young rhubarb, fresh mouthfeel and well structured, will benefit from aeration and some 3(+) years in your cellar to get this more balanced and creamy, long chalky finish, for me one of the best NV Rose bottlings, recommended! **(*+?), 89- 91(+)
  • fc1910 commented:

    10/20/19, 6:21 AM - Si te gusta Senor!
    Has probado con un NV Champagne para durante una decada o mas?

  • fc1910 commented:

    10/20/19, 7:15 AM - Muchas gracias para tus explicaciones, Madrileno!
    Tengo algunas botellas de Champagne en mi bodeguita......., y claro que si me gusta probar botellas con mas edad.
    Para Cava no estoy dispuesto. No me gustan las cepas usadas........,
    y Senor por favor!
    El Riesling es el rey del mundo de las cepas blancas, hace mas que 1.000 anos en el estilo frutoso dulce y hace casi 20 anos con los secos del GG del VDP!
    Sin duda no razon para cruzar el Rhin! :)
    Un abbrazo

White - Sparkling
2002 Piper-Heidsieck Champagne Cuvée Rare Champagne Blend
9/21/2019 - fc1910 Likes this wine:
95 points
My first try of this bottling, purchased some bottle by auction some time ago, pnp in a big glass, I have made a lot of good experiences by using bigger glasses especially for high end champagne bottlings, very intense fizzling at first, strong fragrance of brioche, chalk, nuts and ripe pears, extremly mouthfilling on the palate, the minerality clearly in the foreground, limy , strong nutty aromas, the fruit in the background, this bottle has a really young appearance, still, very well structured and a delicious creamy flow, a real relevation, long life ahead, highly recommended, ***(**), 94,95(+) potential
  • fc1910 commented:

    10/15/19, 7:38 AM - HI SLIMES,
    a very good question!
    I am always trying which glass I do prefer for the specific bottle. Somtimes I use two right after pnp and decide later on which one to use for that bottle.

    As I am still using some Champagne flutes like Riedel Sommelier and some other german brands, I really made good experiences using the Riedel Sommelier Bordeaux and Rene Gabriel tasting glas hand-blown.

    These bigger ones show better the full spectrum of aromas and lead to a mouthfilling showing on the palate.

    I am sorry, but there is no "this fits best for all Champagnes" glass used by me.
    Cheers from Hamburg

1998 Château Léoville Barton St. Julien Red Bordeaux Blend
10/5/2019 - fc1910 wrote:
85 points
From coravin: the next annoyance, as the 3star restaurant Aqua at Wolfsburg is charging 20€ for a glass of mature Bordeaux GC this restaurant is charging the double, a barefacedness!
Never again.
the wine is showing a little subdued, better flabby, I do often think that coravining is not perfect for most of the bottles, but today no chance to get a better red to pair my Ibericocheek, some cassis, but overall a not convincing showing, lacking the tension of a GC, **
  • fc1910 commented:

    10/7/19, 10:16 AM - Hi chatters,
    thank you for your thoughts about coravined Bordeaux!
    I have to admit, I am and never was a fan of this system. I bought one some years ago, but many bottles from my cellar disliked being poured like this.
    I tried a lot, like a decent decant, but overall the experiences are unsatisfactory.
    In my observations wines are and stay a little diffuse poured by coravin
    At first I stopped pouring high class bottlings, now I use this sytem less than once a month.
    So why did I asked for a glass of coravined wine in this restaurant?
    I think, I did not become aware about my experiences during the meal or maybe hoped for the best!
    Anyway, would like to know the opinion of other crowd members using coravin.
    Cheers from Hamburg

  • fc1910 commented:

    10/8/19, 7:25 AM - Hi again chatters,
    this sounds great!

    I am aware that I may be wrong. All my observations and tasting impressions are admittedly subjective.

    Honestly I do envy your satisfaction using coravin!

    That said without any more opinions and experiences from other CT- user so far I will try this system again soon.

    Cheers from Germany

  • fc1910 commented:

    10/8/19, 10:05 AM - Hi chatters you motivational trainer,
    thinking about using coravin during the last hours, and now, just some time later, it happened! :)

    There are some questions to a very experienced user: down to which level should one pour a bottle in your honest opinion?

    Are there differences due to the origins of the bottles?

    Do one have to clean the needle everytime if you pour a new bottle, even if that one is from same origin?

    Cheers, fc1910

  • fc1910 commented:

    10/10/19, 6:34 AM - Hello chatters,
    thank you for your long and helpful explanations!
    Yes, if one is not a native english-speaker, the expressions are sometimes containing somewhat lack of clarity.
    Origin of the bottle= State, country or area of cultivation.

    And you are right, I am a full member of FC St.Pauli Hamburg and watch most of their matches live at the stadium.

    More than a decade ago, my Riesling-aficionado group, all members or at least supporters like me, decided to visit wine areas in the south west of Germany if there is a match of our club down abroad.

    Unfortunately St.Pauli in most seasons did not play well. But over the years we made friends with a lot of the best producers. From the Nahe Dönnhoff, Schäfer-fröhlich, the two Schneiders , Bapt. Schäfer and Poss with very good burgundy like bottlings.
    Rheinhessen KPK, Wittmann, Dreissigacker.
    From the Pfalz for instance Christmann, Karl Schäfer, Mosbacher and Weingut Pfeffingen.
    From Baden for instance Johner, Franz Keller

    In these areas Nahe/Pfalz/Rheinhessen, if you leave Franfurt/ Mainz to the south west, nearly every village flags of the "Roten Teufel" red devils Kaiserslautern are being flown. Sadly they went a league down a season ago.
    Therefore we will visit the Rheingau in next spring. The away match will be at Wiesbaden.
    So if you like to visit Hamburg some time or other, we would be pleased to welcome a Ct-user from the new world in our constantly sold out homeground. (and integrated winebar!)

    Cheers Christian (fc1910)

  • fc1910 commented:

    10/14/19, 8:00 PM - Hi chatters,!
    No problem, as for most of us like me, wine is a hobby.
    So sometimes there are other things to do first.

    Hamburg is about 3,5 hours from the nearest vineyard by ICE-train, but there is a lot to do and visit in this as we call it cause of its big port "Tor zur Welt" gateway to the world.

    If your visit leads you to the north, near Sweden, feel invited to share some very fine Riesling from my well filled cellar.

    Warm regards to Australia

White - Sparkling
N.V. Louis Roederer Champagne Brut Premier Champagne Blend
10/12/2019 - fc1910 wrote:
Next fairly big Champagne player with its "entry level" quality, not as fresh and lemon like fruit driven as the Taittinger the day before, quite more harmonic with rich and fresh fruit appearance, pomaceous fruit, light-coloured nuts, more weight, long finish, I have to admit, I liked the mature bottle served by harley1199 at Madrid this april far better, would wait with young purchased bottles at least 2-3 years, **(*), 88-90(+) potential
  • fc1910 commented:

    10/14/19, 10:49 AM - Mi querido hermano del vino excelente Senor Harley!
    Sin duda una botella excelente es una botella excelente, y me da lo mismo donde la tomando! ;-)
    Hay que conocer que el tiempo alla en madrid es ........ mejor, pero me falta el mar cercano.......,
    sabes...., nos vamos a Jerez de la Frontera en Marzo y en avril a la isla de tenerife, nos ha gustado y nos gusta tu patria!
    Un abrazo del norte

2011 Reichsrat Von Buhl Forster Pechstein Riesling Großes Gewächs Pfalz
10/3/2019 - fc1910 Does not like this wine:
75 points
A Barbecue at the Outback of Hamburg (Kate´s house and property, North Lüneburg Heath): This bottle is an offence for Riesling-aficionados, no tension, great name, great vineyard, great warm vintage, should be a stunner,
now you know why the new owner changed nearly everything after purchase, where is fruit or saltiness? hope for other users that not all excisting bottles are like this specific one, and this is clearly a matter of quality, no off bottle, I am really annoyed!
  • fc1910 commented:

    10/4/19, 4:59 AM - Hi,
    yes this estate was leased since the 80ties and the rich self made entrepreneur Niederberger bought this at last in 2013. First he bought Bassermann-J and Deinhard, now named von Winning.
    The quality was mediocre at best, sometimes a GG showed better.
    Since then all things have changed. Today von Buhl is an high class example for the ultradry Sekt and Riesling style.
    This specific bottle is diffuse and lacking all a great Riesling should show, and hey 75 points is drinkable mediocre, no? ;-)
    Cheers from hamburg

2018 Weingut Keller Riesling von der Fels Rheinhessen
9/29/2019 - Anonymous wrote:
Lean and crisp. This particular bottle was tightly coiled and mute. Perhaps this needed more air. Judgement deferred.
  • fc1910 commented:

    10/3/19, 10:15 AM - HI MDEFREITAS;
    as you are currently not accepting notes on your profile, I do comment your Keller vdF TN, you are right in my honest opinion, this one needs aeration, better some 5(+) years in the cellar to blossom and show a balanced appearance,
    Thank you for beeing a fan of my TNs!
    Always helpful to be highly motivated to write on CT!
    Cheers from Hamburg

2009 Domaine de Chevalier Pessac-Léognan Red Bordeaux Blend
9/25/2019 - fc1910 Likes this wine:
93 points
Drank over 48 hours, after pnp this has a very meaty fragrance? on the nose, this blows away after the first 24 hours leading to a predominant delicious rich plum fruit, some dark cassis too,
on the first day a little restrained, dominant tannin, ripe but in the foreground, on wednesday this one needed food, baked fish or meat, in the second 24 hours this bottle is the pure elegance with finesse and superb fruit, a creamy tasty flow on the midpalate, some mineralic hints like graphit, long finish, long life ahead, would recommend to wait another 5 years for a more open showing, in its really prime in approximately a decade, **(**-*****), 93,94(+) potential
  • fc1910 commented:

    9/28/19, 8:52 AM - Hi srh,
    thank you very much for your comment!
    Always helpful to know that my writing efforts are worth reading. ;-)
    Cheers from Hamburg

2009 Karl H. Johner Blauer Spätburgunder "SJ" Baden
2/17/2013 - PSPatrick wrote:
91 points
I decanted the wine for one hour before I poured the first glass, followed it over a period of another two hours, and saved one glass for the next day. The wine offered a savoury nose of mixed berries, cherry, herbs, roasted notes, some vanilla, cola, iron and a hint of liquorice. On the spicy and savoury palate the wine showed mixed berries, cherry, dried herbs, some coffee, vanilla, cola and some liquorice, paired with medium-level acidity and tannin and phenomenal length. The wine was a little tight, even after two hours in the decanter, and still needed to find its balance. It was rounder and smoother on day two, but although the wine already showed its class I basically consider it a waste to have opened the bottle that young. I'd hold my remaining bottles for at least three years. 91+ points for the time being, with potential to improve.

I bought a case at the winery in March 2012. I am a fan of the Karl H. Johner range of Pinot Noirs and have been buying them regularly since the 2005 vintage. In prior vintages the Blauer Spätburgunder SJ used to retail between EUR 40.- and EUR 50.-. In 2009 the winery only produced 900 bottles of Blauer Spätburgunder SJ, in their view of unprecedented quality, and doubled its price. Normally, I would be fine with paying a higher price in exceptional years (though a premium of 100% would still seem questionable), but in such case I would also expect a winery to lower prices below their average price in less good years. Also, the exceptional Blauer Spätburgunder SJ 2005, which just entered into its prime drinking window and should be longer-lived than the 2009, is still available at some retailers at around EUR 50.-. I would hence currently rather buy two bottles of the 2005 than one bottle of the 2009. Let's wait and see how Karl H. Johner's regular customers will react to this new pricing policy and if it will pay out for Karl H. Johner in the long run.
  • fc1910 commented:

    9/26/19, 11:24 PM - HI PSPATRICK,
    found your rewiew from 2013 while seaching for some TNs of Johner.
    Just my thoughts about this case.
    Since then I stick to the PN Bischoffinger Steinbuck, for me a very good bottling cause of the PN clones from France.
    Cheers from Hamburg

2015 Reichsrat Von Buhl Forster Pechstein Riesling Großes Gewächs Pfalz
7/1/2018 - MQuentel wrote:
87 points
Very clear in the glass, pale lemon yellow with bright green reflections. Very unusual for Riesling in the nose: a mixture of vegetal notes, unripe citrus fruits and the abrasion of iron in a metalworking shop. On the palate, the "2015 Pechstein" offers a very prominent acid, which currently finds no balance at any time. Extremely dry; with a slim to medium body; very tight packed with a lot of grip. On the palate a mixture of extremely green apples (Granny Smith) with hints of grapefruit. The mineral vein is firm and full of energy. Currently very exhausting and with little enjoyment. On the other hand, there is so much energy in the wine that one can imagine that in a few years, something exciting will come of it - provided that the acidity is somehow
  • fc1910 commented:

    9/26/19, 10:54 PM - Hi ,
    just seaching for some TNs of the 2015 vintage and therefore now reading your conversation.
    My thoughts are like MQUENTEL, very ultradry and with a strong demanding acidity....., lets wait and see how this will perform in the future!
    @Michael: see you at Nobbi tonight?
    Cheers, Christian

2015 von Winning Forster Pechstein Riesling Großes Gewächs Pfalz
consider myself a huge riesling fan but i don't understand this wine. all i get is oak, and blind this is more reminiscent of california chardonnay or pinot blanc than GG riesling. if you don;t mind oaky white wine, this is well made, just doesn't seem like riesling to me.
This starts out reductive and did benefit from decanting.
i will leave it open in the fridge and monitor its evolution.
i don't intend to revisit their whites until their new oak gets conditioned over the next few years, if at all.
unique but perhaps for uniqueness sake only. this is probably cutting edge and i am too dense to see it.
Several nights in the fridge. this is still really oak-laden. nah
  • fc1910 commented:

    9/26/19, 10:43 PM - Hi CHCOOK,
    these are just my thoughts, if I try one of these.
    But you have to know, von Winning, Reichsrat von Buhl and Bassermann Jordan are all owned by one family. After more than 100 years these estates are now again in one hand.
    A succesful selfmade millionaire bought all of these estates, ran down by their former owners.
    He installed new personal, invested tons of euros, and "wanted" some different styles, I guess.
    Since then, von Winning is on the voluptuous, creamy , burgundy Style Riesling way, von Buhl like an zero dosage champagne style Riesling and Bassermann-J. puristic with great tension.
    All these GG bottlings, especially from the very best vineyards like Pechstein are made for the very long haul, and I do think they will succeed! ;-)
    Sadly, mister Niederberger died of cancer and now his young widow is running them all.
    Cheers from Hamburg

2001 R. López de Heredia Rioja Reserva Viña Tondonia Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
9/18/2019 - fc1910 Likes this wine:
92 points
Purchased some bottles by auction recently, so I have to try one, the very last Rioja bodega with very classic, oldschool Rioja in its portfolio, sometimes I am dreaming of their "cementerio", visited in march 2016, thousands of bottles ,unlabled in their iron-barred boxes, from 1928, 34, 35, 42, 48, 52, 55, 55, 58, 64.... to be continued, very herbal, maybe some dark savioury fruit in the background, the tannin a little adstringend still, but with about one hour of aeration this blows away, very tight, dense, but on the other hand the pure elegant flow, ending long with some mouthwatering acid, can be enjoyed from now on but will benefit from more cellartime to get much more silky harmony, great! **(*-****?), 91, 92(+) potential
  • fc1910 commented:

    9/18/19, 7:55 PM - Hola de nuevo Madrileno,
    otorga puntos extra......, quizas, no nunca sabes!
    Pero la botella es un exemplo perfecto para un Rioja classico y el hamburgues ha tomando muchas copas, por eso lo sabe ........... ;-)
    Un abrazo desde el frio

2017 Schäfer-Fröhlich Bockenauer Felseneck Riesling Großes Gewächs Nahe
8/29/2019 - fc1910 Likes this wine:
96 points
A fine summer afternoon doing some paper works for my company, to motivate myself I pnp this one into my glass, WOW and wow again, the Kieselstein yesterday on the terraces was a great Riesling example, but this bottle is blowing my mind away, dreaming of holidays, a cooling swim in the ocean, some seafood with fresh lemon........, NO: this is a reference for all german Riesling bottlings and zones, precise, razor sharp like a samurai sword, the pure hedonistic stone licking, that refreshing, why am I drinking some other stuff sometimes- and days?
Really great++ showing, that young, but mouthwatering demanding, both the slate from this soil and the acidity, very, very long finish, for the next decade+(+), 95-97(+) potential
  • fc1910 commented:

    8/30/19, 7:56 AM - Hi Hermesbach32,
    do not praise me too much, I might get conceited about that!;-)
    Riesling for me is the most interesting white grape!
    Lets have a look what the VDP will present us from next sunday to monday on their 2018 vintage and GG presentation at Berlin......,
    I will be there........, soon be told here on CT!
    Cheers from Hamburg

2017 Wagner-Stempel Siefersheimer Heerkretz Riesling Großes Gewächs Rheinhessen
8/7/2019 - fc1910 wrote:
Another try of this for me great dry Riesling, this producer is climbing into the crowd of the very few leading dry GG Riesling estates, maybe it is cause the Heerkretz and its soil is exactly on the border to the Nahe zone, and this is likewise my favourite dry region.
So this Rheinhessen stuff is still very young, zesty lemon, grapefruit, stone licking, a little unevolved, restrained, should have decanted, great pairing with salmon and a summer salad, for me this bottling needs at least 3-5+ years in the bottle to fully blossom, at the moment a salty, energetic too young high end Riesling lacking some harmony, 93,94(+) potential
  • fc1910 commented:

    8/9/19, 11:13 AM - I do thank you and the rest of the CT-crowd for reading!
    Cheers from Hamburg

2013 Emilio Rojo Ribeiro White Blend
Two Hours Plus Aperitif (Taberna Palo Cortado - Madrid): Shared with owner Paqui. A thousand flowers, softness more on the citrus side than on the side of the white fruit in syrup. That sweetness only manifests in a delicious aftertaste. Extreme elegance and precision of Rojo house. Subtlety that someone keeps looking like unmasking. Playing the fool IMHO. The extraction of lees this year certainly helps. It has many years ahead. According with new prices policy, a hidden gem no-more.

Compartida con la propietaria Paqui. Mil flores, suavidad y más del lado cítrico que del lado de la fruta blanca en sirope. Ese dulzor solo se manifiesta en un delicioso retrogusto. Elegancia extrema y la precisión de la casa. Sutileza que alguno sigue buscando como desenmascarar. Cada loco con su tema. La extracción de las lías de este año sin duda ayuda. Tiene muchos años por delante. De acuerdo con los nuevos precios ya no se trata de una gema oculta.
  • fc1910 commented:

    8/8/19, 11:22 PM - Nuevos precios?
    Caramba, mas que viente € plus por botella......., no he sabido.......,
    que lastima!

Rosé - Sparkling
N.V. Billecart-Salmon Champagne Brut Rosé Champagne Blend
8/1/2019 - Harley1199 wrote:
I have to agree with some recent comments on this wine: it is less spectacular, less succulent. The chardonnay grape has occupied the central track and its roundness has cornered the sapidity of the PN and the oxidation of the Meunier resulting in a much more predictable and less exciting champagne. Even with all of this, the lovely copper colour, the abundance of red fruits and milk traces continue to be a highly seductive combination. Perhaps it is just that I had also gotten used to drinking it with five years or more and this bottle was freshly bought.

Tengo que dar la razón a algunos comentarios recientes sobre este vino: está menos espectacular, menos suculento.
La uva chardonnay ha ocupado la pista central y su rotundidad han arrinconado a la sapidez de la PN y a la oxidación de la Meunier dando como resultado un champán mucho más previsible y menos emocionante. Aún con todo el seductor color cobre, la abundancia de frutos rojos y las trazas lácteas continúan siendo una combinación altamente seductora. Quizás es que también me había acostumbrado a beberlo con cinco años o más y esta botella estaba recién comprada.
  • fc1910 commented:

    8/8/19, 11:12 PM - Hi Madrileno,
    de accuerdo!
    Lo mas en la vida es costumbre! ;-)
    Saludos desde el norte

1973 Bodegas Valdemar Rioja Conde de Valdemar Gran Reserva Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
7/9/2019 - fc1910 Likes this wine:
92 points
A bottle filled and labeled for a german retailer, but a gift from origin by parcel, a wow bottle, lively red fruit, very, very elegant, soft on the palate, the pure finesse, very long and intense finish, showing tobacco, forest soil, and spices like black pepper, a top bottle, ****
  • fc1910 commented:

    7/15/19, 11:10 AM - Hola de nuevo Senor!
    Hemos tomando la botella en solamente dos horas. Mi Senora Gerda la ha preferido sobre un Bourgogne premier Cru, mi tambien. ;-)
    Ahora me estoy finalizado a sorbos una botella Vega Sicilia Reserva Especial, anada 2010, tengo una botella mas y tres de la anada 2011, suerte en una subasta dos semanas pasadas!
    Un abrazo desde Hamburgo

1990 Château Chasse-Spleen Moulis en Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend
6/9/2019 - hrazdiiv Likes this wine:
93 points
A surprise hit. This relatively little-known chateau does not elicit high scores but the 1990 appears to be an exception. We drank this undecanted. Color appears surprisingly dark, nice tinges of purple and only medium bricking, even 29 years on. The nose is classic bordeaux: barnyard, charcoal, pencil, and is followed by appealing tannin with some still-present fruity elements that give it a nice backbone. Long finish with more of the non-fruit elements again coming to mind, all very pleasant. A lot of the other readers suggest bottle variation, so my sample size of one is obviously not conclusive but this was impressive and worth seeking. I'd also suggest that tasted if tasted blind, most people would assign a higher score.
  • fc1910 commented:

    6/22/19, 8:29 AM - Hi HRAZDIIV,
    just looking after some TNs of our CT-crowd, cause I am thinking of pnp one bootle this evening for the terraces. You helped me positivly!
    One remark: this Chateau is one of the best known classic ones from Moulis here in the old world for ageworthy claret.
    Will post my TN soon!
    Cheers from Hamburg

2018 Weingut Jakob Schneider Niederhäuser Hermannshöhle Riesling trocken Nahe
NAHE Open 2019; 6/13/2019-6/16/2019 (Bad Kreuznach, Oberhausen, Niederhausen, Windesheim, Bockenau, Bad Sobernheim, Burg-Layen): Two glasses: as the estate Jakob Schneider is running the biggest piece in this very best vinyard of the Nahe, due to the ancient tax rolls of Prussia, they bottle an....., no, this is not an entry level wine, filligree, great mineralic flow on the midpalate, the pure elegance, and all this in this warm and labour-intensive vintage, buy as much as you can afford, 11,20€ to take away!Sold in Mags too! **(*-****)
  • fc1910 commented:

    6/21/19, 10:54 PM - Hi Fedders,
    thank you for your comment.
    I do believe that you have to choose very carefully!
    2017 overall is great and summarized fresher with lower ABV, but for me great potential for aging.
    In 2018 ALL estates had to be very alarmed about the heat and insolation.
    The best ones like KPK, S-F, Dönnhoff have managed this. some other estates I will be carefully choosing bottlings.
    From Jakob Schneider they are fresh, too. But ABV is a bit higher.
    KPK, S-F and Dönnhoff for example have managed this without higher ABV, so the top is to be bought without doubts!
    I can recall Tim Fröhlich from last Friday:" for us overall 2018 is a great vintage, but I am not awaiting so much work to get this result again in the future!"
    And as another resume, Franken in May was quite difficult. So please, taste before you buy or order a big allocation!
    Cheers from Hamburg

2016 Klosterhof Schwedhelm Riesling Schwarzer Herrgott Trocken Pfalz
6/11/2019 - AACollection wrote:
I guess I like energetic riesling (according to fc1910's classification). I feel like this is nice now. On the nose white peach, sweet lemon, a hint of saffron, and sweet apple notes..lovely dry extract. On the palate, fantastic, zippy acidity, tangy lime and sweet wet stone minerality. Lovely, tangy finish, which shows a touch of grapefruit and leans rounder than the attack. Nice.

Day 2: (In the refrigerator overnight) Hmm. This shows no signs of oxidation, but the acidic zip from yesterday seems rather attenuated. It still has a nice mineral tinge on the palate, but seems a little flabbier, and shows almost oily on the finish. I wonder how this will evolve.
  • fc1910 commented:

    6/12/19, 8:59 AM - Hi AACollection,
    thank you for reading my tasting notes.
    I am really very amazed by your feed back and from some other users.
    But as you mention my definition of bonedry mineralic Riesling, I do fell a little honoured! ;-)
    And the vineyard Schwarzer Herrgott is one of the most amazing in our days not really well known ones. Located on the zone border between the Pfalz and Rheinhessen, Schwedthelm got some of the more lacustrine soil ones, the other big player of this vineyard is BattenfeldSpanier of Rheinhessen with their awesome GG bottling.
    And as you do like this style......., wait for my TNs from the Nahe, Dönnhoff, S-F, Schneider Niederhausen and Sobernheim etc.,
    Will be on my way tomorrow morning.......
    Cheers from Hamburg

White - Off-dry
2017 Weingut Keller Abts E® Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel Rheinhessen
Keller Open 2019 (Weingut Keller, Flörsheim-Dalsheim): This bottling shows more minerality than the Hubacker, great density, and clarity, really, really convincing, but the price tag of both Auslesen Goldkapsel, 125€ per bottle 0,375, only for KPK lovers.... ;-), 93(+) potential
  • fc1910 commented:

    6/9/19, 7:42 AM - Hi Berlinhotel,
    you are right!
    125€ per 0,75 bottle, my mistake!

2018 Weingut Keller Riesling von der Fels Rheinhessen
Keller Open 2019 (Weingut Keller, Flörsheim-Dalsheim): Unbelievable energetic, tried this one five+ times that afternoon, always the same conclusion, great complexity, still a little zesty with rich lemon, but most of the palate is on the mineralic side, stonelicking, all this tension again with only 12% ABV, great, highly recommended, for the next decade(+), *(**-****)
  • fc1910 commented:

    6/3/19, 12:40 PM - Yes, awesome!
    But on the other hand very disturbing. Everybody could only buy one single MG of this!That searched for!
    Luckily now at my home at Hamburg!

  • fc1910 commented:

    6/3/19, 7:34 PM - Hi Vinomazing,
    every single visitor (customer) could only grab one Magnum bottle of the "von der Fels"!
    So searched for, but Keller is more an european thing so far. Gave some of my older bottles of Kirchspiel and Hubacker to auctions.
    There you reach about 300- 400€ per bottle, just to invest in other bottles.
    KPK so far dislikes the secondary market, as therefor his prices ex estate are more than fair.
    He told me that every single mature bottle can be offered back to him. Maybe so one can swap your elder Kirchspiel etc. to the very rare bottlings of Hipping and or Pettental. Should have known this fact before.........
    But they are among the few estates like Bürklin-Wolf, Schäfer-Fröhlich, Dönnhoff, Kühn etc. that mature well and gracefully.
    And I am afraid, Dönnhoff and S-F sell a lot of their portfolio oversea right to the New World, never mind!
    Will be on tour to the NAHE zone in two weeks, so wait for my TNs of this four coming days!
    Cheers again from Good old Germany

  • fc1910 commented:

    6/5/19, 6:20 AM - Hi again Vinomazing,
    Yes why not share some knowledge about your owns country wineries....., this is the biggest world wide side to exchange about all world wide wines. So I really like to read and share my TNs.

    One last remark about friendly german wineries. I think what you have read or heard has a true point! For me the reason is that the absolute majority are run by the owners. So it is a family business.
    They can make you feel their enthusiasm and like to share their wine!

2011 Schäfer-Fröhlich Bockenauer Felseneck Riesling Großes Gewächs Nahe
5/11/2019 - Burgundy Al wrote:
86 points
Blind Tasting...Wines That Don't Suck (House of Nanda - Chicago IL): Tasted double blind. Rich and spicy throughout with good mineral elements, but seemingly moderate acidity for Riesling. Others enjoyed this more.
  • fc1910 commented:

    5/28/19, 12:15 PM - Hi To the @ All Chicago boys,
    as I am reading some Tns of Riesling from abroad, and especially the ones of this bottle I wonder whether germans got a different palate.......,
    but double blind is always helpful to get the real appearance of the specific opened bottle.
    so this one was a little unsatisfactory, never mind.
    Cheers from hamburg

  • fc1910 commented:

    5/29/19, 9:44 AM - Thank you for your reply!
    You may be very right, cork is always a source for bottle variation........

2012 Dönnhoff Hermannshohle Riesling Großes Gewächs Nahe
5/27/2019 - Kirk Grant wrote:
It's been some time and I wanted to check in on this.
Color: Light golden yellow
Smell: Lime, peach, green banana, & cherimoya with hints of camomile.
Taste: White peach, quince, yellow apple, and hints of lime.
Overall: This is such a phenomenal wine. It paired beautifully with our sushi, but is easy enough to love on it's own that I could see myself drinking this to the porch as the sun sets. Outstanding!!!
  • fc1910 commented:

    5/28/19, 11:57 AM - Hi Kirk Grant,
    love your TN, my last bottles of this vintage were.... a bit heavy and.... very unusual or lets say remarkable, lacking the Dönnhoff tension.
    Hope my next pnp GG Hermannshöhle 2012 will meet your impression!
    Cheers from Hamburg

  • fc1910 commented:

    5/28/19, 11:58 AM - Hi Kirk Grant,
    love your TN, my last bottles of this vintage were.... a bit heavy and.... very unusual or lets say remarkable, lacking the Dönnhoff tension.
    Hope my next pnp GG Hermannshöhle 2012 will meet your impression!
    Cheers from Hamburg

  • fc1910 commented:

    5/28/19, 11:58 AM - Hi Kirk Grant,
    love your TN, my last bottles of this vintage were.... a bit heavy and.... very unusual or lets say remarkable, lacking the Dönnhoff tension.
    Hope my next pnp GG Hermannshöhle 2012 will meet your impression!
    Cheers from Hamburg

2017 A. Christmann Konigsbacher Idig Riesling Großes Gewächs Pfalz
5/28/2019 - ledwards wrote:
94 points
Nose of white flowers- condreiu-like. Beautiful dry extract, currently slightly reserved which worked in it’s favor for lithe and elegant finish. Has the makings of a very special wine.
  • fc1910 commented:

    5/28/19, 11:53 AM - Hi Ledwards,
    very helpful and interesting TN of one of the best GG-vineyards from the Pfalz and even the whole german Riesling zones!
    Cheers from origin

2018 Dönnhoff Riesling Tonschiefer trocken Nahe
My first try from the topical vintage, had some expectations as well as some fears, some of the press and some blogs are announcing the next "best" vintage ever, as I am a bonedry Riesling lover the course of the last year and the heat are alarming me, last weekend we had some Franken 2018 bottlings, all tasty , but for me too mature in comparison to 2017 or 2016, some lacking tension and most of them are balanced NOW! How will they mature?
But as I did write some days ago, Dönnhoff remains Dönnhoff!
You can feel more fruit on the palate, but the tension is still in the foreground, in the glass there is liquid stonefruit, and......., the finish is very demanding with the present acid, a bit more body than in "normal" years, but all components of this bottling are in the right place, recommended! *(*-***), 88(+) potential
  • fc1910 commented:

    5/27/19, 10:19 AM - Denada! ;-)

2005 Bouchard Père et Fils Beaune 1er Cru Beaune du Château Pinot Noir
Beautiful crimson colour. Meaty on the nose with notes of iron ore and cherry coke. At this level elegant and precise. On the palate shows balanced, oaky no more, with nice acidity and a long, savoury aftertaste. Medium-bodied texture. Undoubtedly this bottle is peaking.
In my view only a few critics are that beacon that can help us to guide our taste in this world of wine. For one of them this yummy 2005 Bouchard Chateau de Beaune was 16/20. That's why I have been following CC for decades. Believe me but not a single regret, neither complain.
Btw are you still thinking Bouchard is just a third row negociant? Think twice son.

De bonito color carmesí. En nariz es carnoso con notas de mineral de hierro y cola de cereza. En este nivel es elegante y preciso. En boca se muestra equilibrado, nunca más amaderado, con buena acidez y un largo y sabroso retrogusto. Textura de cuerpo medio. Sin duda esta botella está en su supuesto punto óptimo de consumo.
En mi opinión, solo unos pocos críticos son el faro que puede ayudarnos a guiar nuestro gusto en este mundo del vino. Para uno de ellos, este delicioso Bouchard Chateau de Beaune 2005 fue un 16/20. Es por eso que he estado siguiendo a CC durante décadas. Créeme, pero ni un solo arrepentimiento, ni una queja.
Por cierto, ¿sigues pensando que Bouchard es solo un negociante de tercera fila? Piénsatelo mejor hijo.
  • fc1910 commented:

    5/25/19, 11:04 PM - Hola de nuevo Madrileno,
    por favor, quien esta pensando malicioso sobre Bouchard?
    Me gusta a leer tus resenas sinceras.........., y sobre Bouchard, solamente la verdad!
    Un abrazo desde el norte!

2015 Thibault Liger-Belair Bourgogne Les Grands Chaillots Pinot Noir
5/3/2019 - fc1910 Likes this wine:
91 points
To help me over this strange Volnay premier Cru showing of D´Angerville pnp a 2015 of this one......, and......yes!
This is what I have been seaching for this evening, complex, young, fruit driven, but silky, floral though, blossoming butterfly bush, great density, and this is "only" a village, in the finish some austere mouthwatering, a real individual wine character, recommended, why did I not buy more of this bottling with a VERY reasonable price tag? Will improve the next decade for sure! **(*+- ?), 90, 91(*?)
  • fc1910 commented:

    5/20/19, 8:52 AM - Hi you both clever Ones,
    you are right! This is "only" a Bourgogne.
    Should have informed me better before. Thought "Les Grand Chaillots" is the name of a vineyard.
    But because you commented my fatal error this bottling will get more famous! ;-)
    Cheers from Hamburg

  • fc1910 commented:

    5/20/19, 11:24 AM - So am I!
    Just loaded my inherited Schmeisser MP 40 to commit suicide.........

White - Fortified
1955 Bodegas Toro Albala Don PX Cosecha Vieja Montilla-Moriles Pedro Ximénez
Poor Excuses (Taberna Palo Cortado - Madrid): Magnificent PX. Unctuous and balanced. Very good on the nose but its true potential booms on the palate with a delicious texture that extends providing long seconds of pure pleasure. A real wine that can not be underestimated. Only if it had the nose of its younger sister from 73 ...

Magnífico PX. Untuoso y equilibrado. Muy bueno en nariz pero su verdadero potencial explota al paladar con una deliciosa textura que se extiende proporcionando largos segundos de puro placer. Un vino de verdad que no puede ser subestimado. Sólo si tuviese la nariz de su hermana del 73 ...
  • fc1910 commented:

    5/13/19, 7:58 PM - Oh no, empieza de nuevo! ;-)
    Estoy sone anoche con una viaje mas a tu ciudad............,
    pero primero voy a conocer algunas veces al sur de mi pais para los Rieslings y Sylvaner actuales........
    un abrazo desde el norte!

White - Fortified
1955 Bodegas Toro Albala Don PX Cosecha Vieja Montilla-Moriles Pedro Ximénez
4/27/2019 - fc1910 Likes this wine:
98 points
A Too short Visit to Wine and Tapas Paradise; 4/24/2019-4/28/2019 (Iberia Business Class, Cuenllas, La MAMA, La Tasqueria, Palo Cortado, Iberia Business Lounge Madrid): And now, some extract from the fifties, unbelievable more concentrated than the 1973, liquid...what? chocolate, dessert, macaron, cake, whatever you imagine, this extremly creamy flow, long+++, what more to say? *****, 98-99+
  • fc1910 commented:

    5/10/19, 11:45 AM - Siempre el harley1199 ha de tener la ultima palabra! ;-)

    Manana nuestro grupo de Riesling aficionados vamos a tener una fiesta del vino a nuestro estadio (me gusta mas la palabra latina: Cancha!)
    Si quisieras visitarnos .........

2016 Schäfer-Fröhlich Bockenauer Felseneck Riesling Großes Gewächs Nahe
Tour VDP.GROSSE LAGE 2018 Vol.1 (Hotel Atlantic, Hamburg): And now: the stunner of this vintage, unbelievable full of tension, saline energy, deep like the atlantic ocean, again I am speechless, this persistence while swallowing, lasting for minutes on the palate after getting down the throat, best Riesling GG of today, for sure! Highly recommended, buy, buy, buy! *(****+), 98+ potential
  • fc1910 commented:

    3/15/18, 9:56 AM - Hi Eriklainen,
    the Felseneck is among the searched for Riesling GGs of Germany.

    I do always order them ex estate in advance. I put my orders for the following 2017 vintage months ago.

    MAybe you find this wine on the internet site of and
    If you can find this wine somewhere else in a retail shop I really do not know, but <ou have to be a lucky man!

  • fc1910 commented:

    5/10/19, 11:22 AM - Hi csimm1161,
    there is a word in spanish which expresses my thoughts very well: denada!
    I do like to write on CT cause this side is that full of information from all the world wide wine nerds......, and we are among them!
    Cheers from Hamburg

White - Sparkling
N.V. Coessens Champagne Brut Nature Largillier Pinot Noir
4/24/2019 - fc1910 Likes this wine:
91 points
A Too short Visit to Wine and Tapas Paradise; 4/24/2019-4/28/2019 (Iberia Business Class, Cuenllas, La MAMA, La Tasqueria, Palo Cortado, Iberia Business Lounge Madrid): Served as a starter at the restaurant cuenllas, my dear CT-winefriend Harley1199 is not reminding the whole truth, The owner of the restaurant, Fernando, and ME did like this savoury,cesty without aeration at first little austere bottle, I helped to finish it! Very mineralic, a Champagne for the dry Riesling faction! *(**), 90, 91(+) potential
  • fc1910 commented:

    4/29/19, 1:10 PM - Mi verdad es mi verdad!
    Siempre dependiente en tus opiones sobre el vino en tu vaso! ;-)

White - Sparkling
N.V. Larmandier-Bernier Champagne Latitude Chardonnay
4/16/2019 - fc1910 wrote:
89 points
Bought this bottle in a small retail shop, and I do have to admit, never heard anything about this producer before, quiet typical Champagne, lots of brioche, creamy vanilla or and nuts, some dried yellow fruit in the background, should be very brut, but for me this one is showing quiet a "nice" sweetness in the long convincing aftertaste, good stuff, would prefer to get this one instead of the boring Moet etc NV bottles everywhere, **(+ -***?), 88-90(+?)
  • fc1910 commented:

    4/16/19, 9:27 PM - Hi Thesternowl,
    you are very right! And for me, "only" some 500 kilometers away from origin of Champagne it is outrageous not having visited and discovered more fine small champagne producers.
    So much new interesting wine each vintage, so little time!

    As I am very interested and curious about users who comented on my tasting notes, I just googled Omaha. I had some idea before about the location of your hometown but was impressed how large the distances between the next bigger citys are.........., and this without a Porsche or Daimler beeing aloud going 250++! ;-)
    Cheers from Hamburg, good old Germany

1999 Chateau Musar Bekaa Valley Red Blend
3/26/2019 - fc1910 Likes this wine:
92 points
Winenerds at large (Restaurant 100/200 Hamburg Port Area): This one is for me and my choice, strong fragrance, perfumed, sweet delicious black fruit, chewy but not in a new world overloaded style, always on the very elegant side of finishing, mineralic and spicy, the pure harmony, long+ finish, for me on top now, but no need to drink this one up, ****(+), 91- 93(+?)
  • fc1910 commented:

    3/29/19, 7:08 AM - Hola Senor,
    solo se vive una vez! ;-)
    un abrazo desde una tarde soleada

2000 Mas de Daumas Gassac Vin de Pays de l'Hérault Red Bordeaux Blend
Drunk over a couple of weeks Coravin. Early glasses very good, 91/92. Tons of dark fruits, smooth tannins, some tertiary notes. Later ones looked tired and very closed or flat. Not quite sure what was going on with this one. Finished off 230319, no further deterioration, drinkable.
  • fc1910 commented:

    3/22/19, 12:26 AM - Hi Cannym,
    as I read your helpful TN, I was guessing: coravin!
    Still using sometimes this system as well but I am not really satisfied. For me some bottles do not "forgive" a use by coravin, others like a Sociando Mallet showed no change after about two years.
    So I do not use this system any longer for my very best bottles. Not risking a failure........
    Cheers from Hamburg

2017 Weltner Rödelseer Schwanleite Sylvaner Trocken "Alte Reben" Franken
11/24/2018 - RichardP wrote:
91 points
I went through three of these in about three weeks - they are better in this vintage than in 2015, which is the last one I tried. This shows grapefruit and some lemon and lime citrus on the medium finish, with strong acidity. It's refreshing and easy to drink, and at about $30 it's a very good value.
  • fc1910 commented:

    3/18/19, 8:19 PM - Hi Richardp,
    30 dollars per bottle? really? Puh, someone earns a lot of money by exporting wine!
    Having not tasted the 2015 vintage of this, I believe your helpful TN.
    Most of the 2015 vintage bottlings, both Sylvaner and Riesling are lacking tension because of the hot year.
    Cheers from Hamburg

2010 Schloss Lieser Niederberg Helden Riesling Großes Gewächs Mosel Saar Ruwer
3/10/2019 - Rieslingfan wrote:
I first tried this wine seven years ago, and it was much too severe. Patience won out for a change, and going back to it now, there has been a significant transformation. It’s still brightly acidic, but the aromatic and palate elements have opened and developed to supplement the bracing structure. Pineapple, lemon zest, a touch of cashew and high toned florals lay atop a bed of minerals. It’s now a fascinating, rather than punishing wine. The acids are still not for the faint of heart, but it’s a great pick me up!
  • fc1910 commented:

    3/17/19, 12:28 AM - Hi Rieslingfan and MHBeaune,
    as nearly always I really appreciate your well discriptive TN!
    And MHbeaune is pointing out the facts as well.
    Cheers from Hamburg

2015 Dönnhoff Dellchen Riesling Großes Gewächs Nahe
3/15/2019 - dnnk88 Likes this wine:
91 points
Lemonade with floral undertones. Fresh, rounded, lemon, with slight oak. Felt like a mid day spritz. Good. drink now
  • fc1910 commented:

    3/16/19, 11:39 PM - Hi DNNK88,
    the fact that this bottle is showing slightly harmonic and balanced now is due to the fact that the acid is not as present as in other vintages.
    But I am very sure, this Dellchen GG will improve for at least a decade(+)
    AND Dönnhoff NEVER uses barrels for their Riesling GGs!
    So this aroma on your palate should be something different.
    Cheers from Hamburg

2015 Wagner-Stempel Siefersheimer Höllberg Riesling Großes Gewächs Rheinhessen
3/16/2019 - jpwineguy Likes this wine:
92 points
No notes taken. Delicious with the Japanese food we had at dinner. Tons of mineral/acid character. Somewhat floral bouquet. Very much enjoyed by everyone. Could use 3-5 more years to develop.
  • fc1910 commented:

    3/16/19, 11:30 PM - Hi JPWineguy,
    you are very right!
    As the 2015 vintage is somewhat one of the warmer ones with more youthful balance of this great Riesling GGs it will improve for about 5(+) years.
    Other young vintages as the 2016 and the present 2017 will need at least a decade to get fully balanced!
    Cheers from origin

2001 La Rioja Alta Rioja Gran Reserva 904 Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
3/6/2019 - fc1910 Likes this wine:
93 points
As there are still several bottles in my cellar, I was thinking about an offer to buy a dozen and a MG more from another HAmburger winenerd, this guy dislikes this wine and style, too little richness in fruit and ABV, if you love oversea blends that may be right!
As he offered me the whole lot for ridicolous 27€ per bottle thinking was over! ;-)
I have to note, that in my opinion this vintage is the last classic 904 from La Rioja Alta! Since then for me they changed their style to a more international, rich in fruit more modern Rioja, not too bad, but I do prefer the classic ones!
Openened the first bottle and again I was as unlucky as in March 2016, when a Ct- winefriend from Bilbao and me visited the bodega at Haro, TCA, not this very strong one, but obvious!
As there are some bottles left, pnp the next one!
Luckily this one is a very good classic Rioja Gran Reserva example! Stable, horse saddle, all kind of herbs, strong acid right from the start, some tasty red fruit, on the midpalate the pure elegance, low ABV, (12,5%), AND still this is a very young appearance, opens up after at least three hours, changes to a very balanced Rioja the day after, so this one is a wine to still store away and wait a decade++ or so! Highly recommended! From 91- 94(+) during 36 hours, ***(*-*****), 95+ potential
EDIT from evening friday 08.03.2019: NOW the rest of this bottle is fully blossomed up! Stunning harmony on the midpalate, a RIOJA- reference! 96+!
  • fc1910 commented:

    3/11/19, 11:49 AM - Hola de nuevo a Bilbao!
    Vamos a ver! Para los meses que vienen yo voy a realizar muchos excursiones en mi pais tambien.
    Y el Harley se espera con regocijo al rey de los blancos, el RIESLING en Madrid en avril! ,-)

2012 Nicolas Rossignol Volnay 1er Cru Caillerets Pinot Noir
A BUBBLY GUCCI Evening with ONE FINE RED (My house, Hamburg, good old Germany): Double decanted two bottles about 10 hours prior to this evening, an absolutely WOW showing, strong fragrance of rich dark fruit, on the palate the energetic pure elegance, this is a stunning PN, to testify that there is nothing from elsewhere to be compared or lets say superior to one of the finest Bourgogne, impressive showing, ending delicious and generates spechlessness at the round table, decanted like I did *****, just pnp still **(***), 95+ potential
  • fc1910 commented:

    2/27/19, 6:55 AM - Hi,
    I am afraid, did not open a bottle of this fine stuff recently. should hold two more bottles of these, so there will be a further TN!
    Cause this showed way too young will wait for some years, I guess.
    Cheers from Hamburg

2015 Thibault Liger-Belair Nuits St. Georges Les Charmottes Pinot Noir
6/5/2018 - Tavastgatan wrote:
92 points
‪I think this is the best Nuits-St-Georges village I’ve ever had. Complexity and hedonism combined. I don’t want to sell any of these. I’d rather drink them all myself.‬
  • fc1910 commented:

    2/13/19, 8:51 PM - Hi Tavastgatan,
    great TN! You are absolutely right!
    So I will do!
    cheers from hamburg

2013 Bodegas Vega-Sicilia Ribera del Duero Valbuena 5° Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
8/11/2018 - Epicúreo wrote:
85 points
Crimson color, purple core, salmon rim. Athletic legs.
Expressive vegetable bouquet. Musky notes of freshly cured leather, coconut and cacao.
Dense mouthfeel with plums, nectarines and pumpkin spice.
Edgy acidity and firm persistent tannins.
Long and spicy finish.
I'm just realizing that - just like fancy cars and clothes - expensive wines are just a symbol of status for rich people.
  • fc1910 commented:

    1/3/19, 5:18 AM - Hi Epicureo,
    in my honest opinion you are right if you were talking about some Bordeaux first growths, Burgundy from some estates etc.
    But, like this Valbuena vintage, we are talking of a price tag of around 100€.
    Very much money for most of the people in this world, but compared to really high priced bottles a bargain especially if you bare in mind this quality and lifespan of Valbuenas.
    I just ordered a small account of this vintage but will not open them soon.
    There will be a TN of mine about the 1982 vintage soon.
    Cheers from Hamburg

White - Sparkling
N.V. Pol Roger Champagne Brut Réserve Champagne Blend
Almost five years aging in my cellar. The result is a silky champagne, with a fatigued but still alive bubble. Tasty, with a good density, refreshing acide and a delicious persistence and long aftertaste. On the nose is invaded by aromas of brioche bread, meringue, marzipan, herbs of Provence. Still some metallic note, also of citrus fruits. A complexity that leads to think why you did not leave this bottle another three years sleeping in the cellar.
Some soul observed that it was not suitable for the extreme salinity of raw oysters. Of course, but often in contrast, in fusion, beauty resides. The kind of champagne that suits me. Always shining very high.

Casi cinco años envejeciendo en mi bodega. El resultado es un champán sedoso, con una burbuja fatigada pero presente. Sabroso, con una buena densidad, refrescante acidez y una deliciosa persistencia y largo retrogusto. En nariz se manifiesta con aromas a pan de mantequilla y azúcar, merengue, mazapán, hierbas de la Provenza. Todavía alguna nota metálica, de mondas de cítricos. Una complejidad que te lleva a pensar por qué no dejaste esta botella otros tres años más durmiendo en la bodeguita.
Alguna alma observó que no era adecuado para la extrema salinidad de las ostras crudas. De acuerdo, pero muchas veces en el contraste, en la fusión, reside la belleza. La clase de champán que me va. Siempre brillando a un gran nivel.
  • fc1910 commented:

    1/2/19, 9:21 AM - Hola de nuevo y un feliz ano nuevo!
    Yo te aviso un viaje de el fc1910 acompanada de su Senora "nueva" a Madrid!
    El periodo sera desde miercoles el 24.04 hasta domingo el 28.04.19.
    Quizas vamos a tomar una cena y unas botellas a tu ciudad.........
    Y sobre la cata de el Pol Roger: muy util!
    No estoy a faceb, ni twitter, ni whats app, yo solamente uso el app suizo: threema!
    Saludos cordiales desde el norte

  • fc1910 commented:

    1/2/19, 10:19 AM - Te di una tarjeta a Bilbao? Mi cabeza, ahora soy un hombre viejo! ;-)
    Si, todos los numeros y el correo electronico ya estan actual.
    Quizas me doy unos recomendaciones para restaurantes tipicos espanoles con y sin estrellas de michelin en o cerca el centro, por favor?
    Pero antes en este invierno nos dos vamos a volar a Asia para tres semanas.
    Un abrazo

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