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2005 Château Rocher Bellevue Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux Red Bordeaux Blend
4/9/2009 - ocalva wrote:
76 points
Cheap Bordeaux (Cotes de Castillon AOC), tried it since it was a 2005, really disappointed me, nothing to show, boring, some black fruit but shadowed by high alcohol on nose.... perhaps with a couple of years it would get better. The mouth wasn't at bad at first taste but on the mid palate it gets somewhat tight for me.... for the price (just over $8 bucks) better get an aussie or a chilean (for that price range I really haven't been disappointed by a chilean, while not expecting too much from it)...
  • Zbear commented:

    4/17/15, 2:55 PM - Greetings. Did you ever revisit this wine? And if so.. did it improve?

2012 Andremily Syrah No. 1 Santa Barbara County
3/21/2015 - Brunello123 Likes this wine:
100 points
Alban, Saxum, Epoch, Law Estate are my favorite Syrah from California. I've only had SQNs twice before so I cannot compare this wine to SQN, but I have high expectations which is why I opened a bottle today, and will lay down the others for a few years. The little I know about Jim Binns through exchange of e-mails tells me he is a great guy and deserves the reviews this wine is getting. I have a feeling this will not be the only 100 point rating the wine will get. Everyone so far has done a great job describing it. I drunk it over 8 hours and it really opened up after about 4 hours. The nose stayed consistently amazing all along. There was no heat and you can't tell it's 15.5% alcohol. This is young and will need a few years to enter its drinking window. I love what I am tasting so far and I can't wait until I get to try another bottle in about 5 years. Amazing!
  • Zbear commented:

    3/22/15, 1:46 PM - I only have three bottles coming (I knew I was going to regret not getting six), but I will be opening one. Judging from the scores, I am not going to wait years to find out what it taste like. I don't have it in me.

2012 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon 40th Anniversary Napa Valley
3/15/2015 - 458jeff Likes this wine:
96 points
What a change. I first tried this wine and thought it was a 90. At times I didn't really like it as it seemed too sweet, somewhat syrupy, and synthetic. Not thrilled. So after months of avoiding it I tried it again. Suddenly, it's not the same wine. It has more depth, complexity, balance and the over-powering sweetness is gone. I did not trust myself as the transformation seemed too great. Well, I had a second bottle a week later and felt the same way. I strongly recommend retasting this wine as I believe you will likely be astonished. I just ordered two additional cases. This wine is now a screaming bargain. Will it get even better?
  • Zbear commented:

    3/17/15, 3:29 PM - So you joined just to post this note. Bogus.

2012 Andremily Syrah No. 1 Santa Barbara County
3/11/2015 - shadow wrote:
98 points
FedX fever
Should I or shouldn't I.
Is it the new "it" or just another, another.
1:36 pm here in the woods of Newbury.
Nice bottle dressed in fine tissue.
I want to ripe off its dress and splash it into a new home.
Than latter tonight, into my finest stem, for the that moment of taste that only comes once.
tick tock tick tock, will be back latter.
Just decanted, holy shit kemosabe, the nose alone just made my day.
If you are a SQN addict, you know that smell, and I'm not talking about Teen Spirit.
more latter
5:17 Its in the glass, on my desk, sunlight bouncing off, its black, opake.
The light that shines through makes my desk look like fire, cool.
Nose, humm, got that deep spice, hint of dark roast fumes leaving the coffee pot.
First sip, tongue is all a tingle, pepper and leather, finish is not sweet, not tart but more tart than sweet.
Not a girly wine, this one packs a big punch, like the dry tannins.
Your watching Suits, the rich lawyers are sipping wine after the latest win, this is the taste they want.
Taste like a winner.
Of ya, its dry, its leather wrapped fruit and yes, it has that "it", if you got some, your going to be happy.
  • Zbear commented:

    3/11/15, 4:16 PM - Well, this certainly sound promising.

2012 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon 40th Anniversary Napa Valley
1/28/2015 - Maleko wrote:
Saw the bottle on the shelf at Safeway. Read through some of your comments and have decided it may not be worth the risk.
They are asking $74.99, is that too high?
  • Zbear commented:

    1/28/15, 6:16 PM - A lot of retailers have it for about $55 to $60. And judging from the reviews.. I'd say even that is too high. I have a couple bottles, but haven't tried it yet.

2012 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon 40th Anniversary Napa Valley
11/26/2014 - MikeFiend wrote:
94 points
Unbelievable! Shared a bottle with a few friends at my bar and we were blown away. The idiots that are saying this particular vintage expression from Caymus is awful need their head examined. This is arguably the BEST vineyard in California. Stop being a hater! Parker gave this bottling a 96. 96! Hello? Buy as much of this as you can procure/afford!
  • Zbear commented:

    11/26/14, 6:30 PM - So said the.. non idiot, who became a member today. Unbelievable indeed!

2013 Meiomi Pinot Noir California
10/30/2014 - nkredich wrote:
82 points
Syrupy fruit, not in a good way. Cherry bomb, need to think twice about wtso wines. Not a keeper
  • Zbear commented:

    11/7/14, 4:46 PM - Need to think twice about the Wagner family style of wine making.. not WTSO.

2006 Bodegas Olarra Rioja Cerro Anon Reserva Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
10/7/2014 - Burnsylight Likes this wine:
91 points
I always feel like I've stolen this wine from wtso. Excellent quality for price. When ever I see it I'll order a half case. 2006 is showing beautifully, no real signs of age, no obnoxious fruit/oak/tannin bomb. Pop open decant for an hour or so and eat some tapas. There are no notes or score from Jonathan H Newman, which is usually a good buying tool when ordering from wtso. I would imagine it would have scored 100+ or something like that following his fly by night rating scale.
  • Zbear commented:

    10/7/14, 4:19 PM - I concur.. regarding the wine and the Jonathan H Newman comment. Cheers!

2012 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon 40th Anniversary Napa Valley
5/13/2014 - TEKinsider wrote:
93 points
Got my first shipment today and couldn't resist opening a bottle. Popped and poured. I taste a lot of wine futures and like to drink wines across their lifespan. While this wine is not a "wine future" it is young and a bit disjointed similar to a freshly bottled wine (possible mild bottle shock as well from shipping). Nonetheless there are classic Caymus characteristics Present. Nose: strong aromatics of sweet young black fruit, milk chocolate, cedar and vanilla. Palate: highly extracted blackberries, slightly bitter red fruit, currants, vanilla, cedar, mocha and chocolate. Mouthfeel: Soft silky tannins, light fruit weight, thin mid palate with a relatively long warm finish. Overall, a bit disjointed at this phase, but has the potential to turn into a very nice fruit forward classic warm vintage Caymus. I don't think structurally this one is for long term aging, but given a few years in the cellar to integrate this should lead to a very enjoyable wine. 93-95pts. I'll revisit this same bottle tomorrow and any relevant updates.
  • Zbear commented:

    5/13/14, 8:14 PM - Your notes and your score do not correlate.. interesting.

2010 Mollydooker Two Left Feet South Australia Shiraz Blend, Syrah
5/18/2013 - wineshaman wrote:
88 points
Massive yes, jammy yes, sweet yes, fruit bomb yes, typical MD yes, Bordeaux no, Rhine no, elegant no. I am continually amazed at the critics of MD wines, like what are you expecting, what is even more amazing is how many and how much$$$ they spend to trash Aussie wines in general. When I open a bottle of MD I know what I am going to get, same as if I open a Bordeaux or Rhone etc. it is what it is and it is what it should be!
  • Zbear commented:

    5/19/13, 2:30 AM - Hear hear!

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