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9/5/2020 - JACarucci wrote:
Super ripe pear, green apple, melon, lemon, peach. Ten years young barely headed towards development. Delicious with years ahead.
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Starting to enter it's drinking window. Beautiful sangiovese character with undertones of the new wood. Feels a bit hot from the 14% alcohol, not hoping that will mellow with time.
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5/23/2020 - JACarucci wrote:
Open about 2 hours. Spectacular but so young. Delicious now but only a teaser of what this is gonna to be in 5+ years.
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Lemon, pear, pineapple, delightful acid. Delicious.
12/1/2019 - JACarucci wrote:
Super tight and unrelenting on day one
By day two it's opened with blueberry, blackberry, vanilla, ink and green leaf. Still super fresh. This needs years.
11/29/2019 - JACarucci wrote:
Alcohol is prominent. There's some underlying raspberry and blueberry but honestly not a ton see this point. Needs some time to integrate.
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2004 Domaine de la Ronceray St. Estèphe Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
2/1/2019 - JACarucci wrote:
Old. Drink now.
11/24/2018 - JACarucci wrote:
Very young. Primary aromatics and flavors. Wait two years at least.
Drank as part of a blind tasting.
Clear ruby core to a pink rim, moderate staining
Youthful aromas but Moderate to moderate minus intensity. Lots of dried and bitter cherry and cranberry, rose, bitter herb and dusty clay.
Tannins are ripping. Acid is high. Licorice, bitter herb and dried cherries on the palate. Highly complex, but palate is dominated by tannin at this stage.
Drink with food or lay down for a while longer.
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10/7/2017 - JACarucci wrote:
Despite what some other reviewers have said, I think this needs a good amount of time. Brambly black and blue fruit was suggested on the nose, but the palate hasn't filled in, and is seemingly dominated by high acidity. The palate is thin, but the hints of what's to come are present. Let this sit for at least a year or two
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2005 Château Citran Haut-Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
8/28/2017 - JACarucci wrote:
A bit thin at first in the mid palate but filled out with time. Decant at least 1 hour.
2012 Prisoner Wine Company The Prisoner Napa Valley Zinfandel Blend, Zinfandel (view label images)
8/22/2017 - JACarucci wrote:
2012 was the best Prisoner I've had. I'm sure I've had the 2012 before but not aged for 5 years.
Fruity hints of blueberry, smooth no tannins.
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