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2010 Argiano Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese
1/25/2020 - ajeeja Likes this wine:
91 points
PnP. This has soften a lot since my last bottle in 2017 and it’s now in a nice place. To be honest, I do miss a bit of tension and so I’m thinking I should have re-tasted this 6-12 months earlier, but it’s nevertheless a very pleasurable drop (whilst, a bit too simple). I lack experience with BdM to say if it will improve with further aging, but my instinct says it won’t (though, I sure do hope to be proven wrong).
  • ajeeja commented:

    1/26/20, 11:53 AM - Eheh, I hope you don’t have any bottle left! ;-)

2015 Marchesi Mazzei Castello di Fonterutoli Concerto Toscana IGT SuperTuscan Blend
10/10/2019 - Likes this wine:
95 points
Concerto for me is very typical of the terroir. Lots of fruit and earth. Racy, fun and very balanced.
  • ajeeja commented:

    10/11/19, 3:06 AM - Totally agree, and this vintage is already a pleasure to sip! I need to try again the 2013 which felt closed a couple of years ago. Thanks for your note!

2009 Château Cantenac Brown Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend
9/20/2019 - Jeff Leve wrote:
96 points
Sensuous, silky, concentrated, smoky and just great in your glass, this is a beauty! It is rich, vibrant and the texture, with its velvety fruits makes a real Margaux impression. This is not fully mature, but the fruits are so ripe and tannins so refined, you can pop a cork tonight for pleasure. If you can wait another 5 years for the aromatic complexities to develop, you are going to love it!
  • ajeeja commented:

    10/5/19, 8:37 AM - Jeff, Parker may be the one he’s referring to (see his note from 2012 -

2012 Château Haut-Bailly Pessac-Léognan Red Bordeaux Blend
9/22/2019 - ajeeja Likes this wine:
94 points
This beauty is really hard to resist!

PnP. The purity of the fruit is mesmerizing from the start, and with air it only got better. Has a long life ahead, but it’s going to be hard not to revisit this sooner than later. So pure and silky, a long lingering aftertaste, refined and balanced. I just love Haut Bailly. Cheers!
  • ajeeja commented:

    9/23/19, 4:40 AM - Hey Mark, glad I helped making the decision easier! ;-) Looking forward to your tasting note, as I thoroughly enjoy your scientific approach and eagerness to take one for the team (your recent take on CdPC ‘15 is a great example!)

2010 Fattoria Le Pupille (Elisabetta Geppetti) Maremma Toscana Saffredi Red Bordeaux Blend
9/15/2019 - ajeeja wrote:
Very smooth and silky, but somewhat unexciting. I’m rather puzzled as I can’t say why I didn’t enjoyed this as much as I should and wanted to. Worth revisiting and I wouldn’t let this sit in the cellar for too long (drink before 2023)
  • ajeeja commented:

    9/21/19, 5:45 AM - Yeah, JS, don’t get me started :-) Saffredi was greatly priced before JS awarded 100 pts to the 2012....

    Anyway, while 2010 was hyped for Tuscany, it hasn’t turned out as a strong vintage for Saffredi. The 2012 and 2013 are much tastier!

White - Sparkling
N.V. Ruinart Champagne Blanc de Blancs Brut Chardonnay
First sample of Ruinart and it was quite enjoyable; nose with lemon, brioche, green apple, and hints of spice; the palate has richness yet remains fresh and lifted. Very enjoyable and while maybe not the greatest value play in Champagne it was definitely good.
  • ajeeja commented:

    3/28/18, 9:26 AM - Would definitely be curious to hear what you consider better value at this price point. I’m quite fond of this and its delicate bubbles. Clearly not at the level of a DonP, but considering the price, it’s hard for me to find a better value. (Btw, I’m lucky enough to pay only about 55-60$ for a bottle of Ruinart B de B, so maybe that’s also why I find it a great value)

  • ajeeja commented:

    3/28/18, 11:04 PM - Thanks a lot for the pointers!

2013 Fontodi Flaccianello della Pieve Colli della Toscana Centrale IGT Sangiovese
11/30/2017 - ajeeja wrote:
88 points
Not really agreeing with the other reviews. Decanted for only 1h and drunk over the next hour. Felt disjoint and light, especially considering the memorable experience I had with the 2011 vintage (drink this if you have the option!). Maybe the 2013 vintage will be a monster in a few years, but today it's (by far) not worth the money. Let's wait and see.
  • ajeeja commented:

    1/31/18, 6:04 AM - Indeed, I definitely hope it's in a dumb phase and it will blossom after a few years of resting. Thanks for your comment!

2010 Xavier Vignon Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée Anonyme Red Rhone Blend
7/8/2017 - mikevince wrote:
89 points
We've had a couple of the Anonyme (2009 and 2010) the last few weeks including a 2010 this evening. The nose is clean but with some alcohol (poured with Vinturi and sat 10 minutes). Smooth with subtle fruit initially, but the finish is not appealing. That has been the case on the last few bottles we have consumed. Had a couple of these two years ago and we enjoyed them more then. Not sure what the issue is, but the finish is off-putting and it makes the wine unenjoyable. We have 10 more 9s and 10s left and I'm not looking forward to them, which is disappointing to say the least. I'll give this one a little more air and come back to this review if it gets any better.
UPDATE: I left the remainder of the bottle in the decanter overnight and drank it on day 2. Was markedly better on the finish than Day 1, so it appears that extended air make a big difference. Up score from 87 to 89. Not a great wine, but enjoyable at least. I think I'll sit on these for another 2-3 years before popping another.
  • ajeeja commented:

    7/8/17, 11:51 PM - I can relate with the experience. Had a 2010 about a month ago, and frankly we didn't enjoy it, which was surprising as we did like it 2.5 years ago. In my case, I felt the oak was too forthcoming, shadowing the fruit and all other nuances. Just like you, I do not look forward to open another bottle. Let's hope cellar time helps but, TBH, I doubt this will ever be great to drink.

2016 Château Meyney St. Estèphe Red Bordeaux Blend
4/29/2017 - Jeff Leve wrote:
93 points
Almost opaque in color, this is a beauty! The wine is rich, concentrated and has depth of flavor with length. The fruit is unadulterated purity and unreal deliciousness; the finishes builds into a sensory experience of taste and feel. This is the best vintage of Meyney ever produced.
  • ajeeja commented:

    5/16/17, 3:57 AM - Hey Jeff, do you feel this is better than 2014 (which you rated 92-94)? I guess they are both great vintages, but it'd be great to hear your thoughts on how they compare. Cheers, and thanks for your always useful notes!

  • ajeeja commented:

    5/16/17, 8:12 AM - Alright, then let's order it :)

  • ajeeja commented:

    5/16/17, 8:22 AM - Yep, Calon Segur is high on my list, but I'm waiting and hoping the price stays reasonable. Lafon Rochet is lovely, and the 2005 I tasted about a year ago was truly delicious. Don't know the other two, I'll check them out.

  • ajeeja commented:

    5/16/17, 8:53 AM - Duly noted :) Thanks, Jeff!

2013 Fattoria Le Pupille (Elisabetta Geppetti) Maremma Toscana Saffredi Red Bordeaux Blend
9/3/2016 - 99tollap wrote:
93 points
Undeniably delicious and drinking amazingly well given the age. I mean, the tannins are incredible! So smooth and silky that you barely even notice they're there! Structure and texture are impeccable. Flavours of dark cherry and chocolate. A modern-style wine for sure. Alcohol is noticeable at 14.5% but not too bad. I find it really lacks personality though. Whilst technically great, the flavours do not lift it out of the crowd enough to justify the price (60 CHF).
  • ajeeja commented:

    1/14/17, 1:20 AM - It's too young. Give it some cellar time and hopefully you'll feel different about the QPR. I tasted this vintage a year ago and what I found surprising was the velvety of the tannins. I've never had such an experience with a young Saffredi. By the way, the 2007 is a stunner, if you have the opportunity try it out!

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