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2016 Thomas Pinot Noir Dundee Hills
12/29/2019 - Kirk Grant wrote:
Reading my note on the 2017 prompted me to want to compare the 2016 while the 2017 was still fresh in my mind. I don't know if there was a stylistic shift, but for me the 2013 - 2017 are quite different compared to the 2010, 2011, and even the 2012's from this producer. These later vintages seem to be deeper in color, and with that (for me) there's a perceived loss of elegance) that I really loved in the earlier vintages. Please don't think this is my taking away from the complexity of these lovely's just different. I'd be curious to hear what others that have been drinking the wines longer than I have think about this or if they too think there's been a stylistic shift since the 2014 vintage. Outstanding!!
  • gotfunk commented:

    12/31/19, 7:07 AM - Another possible explanation is that since he is gradually replacing his phylloxera infested vines, the makeup of the vineyard and average vine age have been shifting.

2010 Fattoria di Fèlsina Berardenga Chianti Classico Riserva Chianti Classico DOCG Sangiovese
9/13/2019 - Bob H wrote:
You know, I was very positive on this wine with my last note a few months ago. And while this is nice, I just had a glass of the '10 Castell 'in Villa CC that at least IMO blows this wine away. My better half doesn't think there is as much of a difference in the two wines as I've indicated, and I have liked this in the past, but tonight it doesn't seem to have the same palate presence as the first wine.
  • gotfunk commented:

    9/13/19, 9:40 PM - I'm guessing the 97pt score is a typo then?

2014 Giacomo Conterno Barbera d'Alba Francia
5/23/2019 - AJ72 wrote:
70 points
So bad it's not funny. Horribly affected by Brettanomyces and a dead duck. Undrinkable and it was unanimous.

Edit: Looking at the other comments I'm in the minority (again). Oh well..
  • gotfunk commented:

    5/24/19, 9:31 AM - Brett is certainly tricky because people have varying tolerance for it, levels can vary significantly from bottle to bottle, and unlike other wine faults, many hold the opinion that at low enough levels, it can improve a wine.

    I personally don't pay much attention to scores, but it does seem that by your own rationale, you should mark the bottle flawed.

2011 Smith-Madrone Cabernet Sauvignon Spring Mountain District
2/20/2019 - TallMikeWine Likes this wine:
94 points
There was a vintage, characterized by some in the wine writing community as being a "bad year". But if course people working in that community need things about which to concoct stories. The stories of 2011 being a "bad year" have been greatly exaggerated. Know this.

Beautiful wine. Dark, rich, ripe fruit. Loads of spice, and a fi dish for days. And this is good to go now, or hold for a other 5! The Smith brothers know a thing or two. They will not let you down.
  • gotfunk commented:

    2/21/19, 7:43 AM - Your score of 80 seems at odds with your note. Typo?

2010 Clos du Moulin aux Moines Auxey-Duresses Moulin aux Moines Vieilles Vignes Pinot Noir
10/11/2018 - Poujeaux Likes this wine:
90 points
Nose: Humid forest floor, oak, vanilla

Palate: Raspberries, cherries, "burned" taste somewhat similar to a white Meursault

Acidic, austere, precise. Enjoyable, would drink again.
  • gotfunk commented:

    10/14/18, 10:33 AM - Reading your note, I'm guessing you didn't mean to mark the bottle flawed?

2013 Thomas Pinot Noir Dundee Hills
5/9/2016 - gotfunk wrote:
Just an unbelievable quantity of CO2 that no amount of shaking seemed to get rid of. After a night on the counter, the gas now fully dissipated, it has the typical charm and grace, but it's so tightly wound and structured that patience will be required.
  • gotfunk commented:

    11/5/17, 1:51 PM - John goes from barrel to tank before bottling, but since he works alone, I doubt he processes everything in one pass. So it’s certainly possible that environmental conditions or just different barrel lots could lead to bottle variation.

2013 Scott Paul Cellars Pinot Noir Azana Vineyard Chehalem Mountains
9/12/2017 - agnorger wrote:
90 points
I expect more from a $45 bottle of wine. Scott Paul is no longer involved and it shows. I am off the list.
  • gotfunk commented:

    9/13/17, 9:42 AM - Scott and Kelley were still at the helm when this was made - the winery changed owners in September 2014 and Kelley left in April 2015.

    I think a lot of 2013s are just closed down right now.

2009 Domaine Glinavos Vlahiko Zitsa Red Blend
2/20/2016 - Gargantua wrote:
Hmm, that's odd. This first bottle from the last shipment has a super buttery (diacetyl?) character that had nothing to do with the first batch we'd received. Will check another bottle to ensure it is high-toned and bitey as it should be.
  • gotfunk commented:

    3/10/16, 11:47 AM - Have you checked another bottle and would you mind sharing where you sourced it from?

  • gotfunk commented:

    4/27/16, 9:30 AM - Excellent. Thanks for the follow-up!

2009 Maison Leroy Bourgogne Pinot Noir
Strawberry, cherry and earthen funk with faint spice notes. Good energy and balance. Supple texture with pleasantly chalky tannins on the finish. Lacking just a bit of concentration perhaps, but easy-going and eminently enjoyable.
  • gotfunk commented:

    8/7/15, 7:09 AM - Absolutely, no rush at all. Cheers.

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