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  • 2007 Sea Smoke Pinot Noir Ten

    Bit of a departure for me from the usual France/Italy/Australia. If I'm honest I get it and can appreciate the choices made by the producer, but I struggle to enjoy it. Absolutely massive extraction gives a glass of boozy, hyper-rich grape juice that I find hard to identify with the seductive silkiness of pinot noir. If a thicker skin variety had been given the same treatment I reckon you would probably get something like chewing an iron bar. As one other diner commented "well I do like a big syrah..."

    Too much for me. I actually think it was a little volatile, but this may just have been the youth, as the alcohol sticks put a little awkwardly. Trying to remain objective I'd probably score mid 80s, but for my palate it's at least 5 off the score above. Too much.

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  • 1994 Château Cos d'Estournel

    Some good winemaking here, despite the less than perfect vintage conditions. Sympathetic but assertive extraction preserves some nice spicy dark fruit with fully developed leaf mulch secondaries peeking through. Tannins a little unripe, but provide a not unpleasant green tingle on the finish (I find this in a lot of 1994 left banks). Drinking nicely now, can't see any reason to hold onto them much longer

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  • 1982 Château Giscours

    Took a few minutes for some bottle funk to blow off, but settled down into a full blown tertiary leather-and-leaf fest. Some residual cherry stone fruit hanging in there but the it is starting to move into that dried cranberry and christmas cake phase. A little 2 dimensional for such a vaunted vintage, but enjoyable and peaking based on this example. Drink over the next couple of years

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