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2011 Cappellano Barolo Piè Rupestris Otin Fiorin (Gabutti) Nebbiolo
8/17/2019 - Josshinji wrote:
95 points
Amazing complexity and length (floral, rose, pot pourri, char leather) with little primary fruit left more in the cooked side (strawberry and darker fruits). Quite a light style with good acidity
  • michael_cooke commented:

    8/17/19, 9:39 PM - You're a lucky man :)

2010 Majella The Malleea Coonawarra Cabernet-Shiraz Blend, Red Blend
Majella’s flagship from an excellent vintage. This is really whistling a tune and striding down the high street now. Because I am tragically patriotic, I tend to find great comfort in Cabernet/Shiraz blends - an Aussie trademark if ever there was one. Lovely stuff.

And here’s the but ... you have to be a Coonawarra fan to love this. It reeks of Coonawarra. The shame is I’m not sure I am anymore. I really only buy John Riddoch, Limestone Ridge and Parker 1st Growth from Coonawarra now (although Wynns Black Label buys itself in good years). On the other hand, Moss Wood, Leeuwin Art Series, Jack Mann, YY No.1 and the Wendouree Cabernets just keep appearing in the Cabernet part of the cellar. That’s a big change from, say, 10 years ago.

I fear I am on a path of discovery that ends in Bordeaux and, potential, financial ruin. If so, may the Cabernet Gods be kind to me for the only Bordeaux I’ve got excited about to date is Chateau Palmer. That’s a problem. A $700 per bottle problem. Pfft. That’d be right ...
  • michael_cooke commented:

    2/6/18, 11:02 AM - Interesting comment, I have a few of these tucked away.
    Honestly would have thought that they are still along way from being ready.
    Gross generalisation, but do you think that Coonawarra Cabs have more ageing potential than MR? More acid maybe?
    I too have moved away from CW towards MR, just wondering.

2005 AR.PE.PE. Valtellina Superiore - Sassella Riserva Rocce Rosse Nebbiolo
1/3/2018 - michael_cooke Likes this wine:
94 points
Wow, wine of the year so far!
Pale, orange rim.
Roses, tar, leather, tobacco, orange peel.
Rippling tannins.
So complex, so good.
  • michael_cooke commented:

    1/31/18, 11:51 PM - Hi Nick,
    if I recall correctly I opened mid morning & let it slow ox for about 5-6 hours and decanted around a hour or so prior to drinking.
    Lovely wine, more Barbaresco than Barolo.
    The orange, citrus notes were striking.
    Hope you enjoy

2010 Henschke Keyneton Euphonium Barossa Shiraz Blend, Syrah
12/26/2017 - michael_cooke wrote:
Christmas dinner
A bit hot, probably too early
OK not memorable
  • michael_cooke commented:

    12/28/17, 10:26 PM - Yeah that's probably about right
    I had a '98 earlier this year & it was singing
    To be fair the 2010 was right at the end of a loooong Christmas day, more of an afterthought than anything. My palate was pretty fatigued by this stage =)
    Went down well with the rest of the family though.

2015 Wynns Coonawarra Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Black Label
OK wine but not quite sure what all the fuss is about
Seemed fairly ripe without much structure
Good value for sure but for me there are plenty more enjoyable examples out there at a similar price point.
  • michael_cooke commented:

    11/6/17, 10:26 PM - Have you tried one yet?
    I'm more a Marg River fan than Coonawarra so it could be a personal thing.
    Will leave the rest along for a good rest, not entirely convinced it has the stuffing to go the distance.
    Certainly hope I'm proven wrong.

2004 Moss Wood Cabernet Sauvignon Margaret River
9/24/2017 - michael_cooke wrote:
89 points
Decanted for around two hours before consumption
An initial taste showed quite tight & youthful
Softened & opened with time
Blackcurrants, blueberry, olive, leather, pencil shaving.
Tannins starting to recede.
Very nice but perhaps a touch one dimensional
Certainly no rush but I'm not convinced it will reach any lofty heights
  • michael_cooke commented:

    9/25/17, 12:31 AM - Peaked? Not sure. Certainly in the window, but no real rush. Possibly more upside over the next 5-7 years, just can't see it becoming anything stupendous on this showing. It was definitely an enjoyable experience though so I wouldn't worry.
    Could be a case of lofty expectations given the pedigree of the producer & the vintage in WA.

2015 By Farr Pinot Noir "Farrside" Geelong
8/1/2017 - chatters wrote:
2017 International Wine Fair hosted by Dynamic wines. (The four seasons hotel, the rocks, sydney): Confected fruit and stalky notes means plentiful whole bunch. Sweet spice. Stalky, tart. Exceedingly unpleasant at this juncture.
  • michael_cooke commented:

    8/16/17, 3:53 AM - Wow, that's some pretty unflattering reviews!!
    I must say I wasn't bowled over, especially given the reputation & vintage.
    But I didn't find them that bad.
    Do you think there potential there for future development?

2013 Picardy Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon/Cabernet Franc Pemberton Red Bordeaux Blend
7/22/2017 - michael_cooke Likes this wine:
90 points
Lovely wine, very Franc dominant (which is a good thing to me)
Light bodied, easy drinking.
Great value, recommended.
  • michael_cooke commented:

    7/22/17, 5:27 PM - I'd say it's ready to go now, but certainly another few years won't do it any harm.
    I can't see it as a long term proposition, say now until 2023.
    Although I note that MB in his review puts it out to 2028+ so I could be off the mark.

2012 Cappellano Barolo Piè Rupestris Otin Fiorin (Gabutti) Nebbiolo
7/7/2017 - lightning wrote:
93 points
A beauty. Liquorice, red fruits on the nose, cinnamon - swirl the glass, let your mind wander, and other subtle notes emerge. Entry of pure silk, medium bodied, fine-boned tannins which fan out on the end, lacy acidity, almond, hint of dry herb, red fruits. Elegant, beautiful yet with inner confidence.
  • michael_cooke commented:

    7/7/17, 3:23 PM - I saw your comment on my recent note concerning the 2011 last week. Do you think this 2012 is more approachable now than the 2011? Considering committing Vinfanticide again this weekend!!

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