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2009 Château Pontet-Canet Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend
8/21/2019 - mathwonk wrote:
We had this tonight, after several hours of decanting, thanks to notes here, and it hit all the marks expected. It was concentrated so that it lasted all dinner, it had the right label so that it popped eyeballs at the restaurant and impressed everyone, and it was rich and round and full of flavor. It tasted great and we enjoyed it and it was a highlight of the evening. Still, there is not a feeling that it is anywhere near worth the price ($275). It has no complexity, and little interest, there is nothing thoughtful about it and it will certainly not stay in memory more than a few days, compared to wines whose taste lasts a lifetime. For a specific and modest example, a Leonetti 2008 cab sav shared a few months ago was far more memorable and mature, and has me searching for another similar wine. If you like concentration, "jamminess" and so on, this provides it, but if you prefer subtlety, complexity, and depth, this does not. I was already disappointed at examining the label to see it has 14% alcohol, since that is a sure sign the winemaker has abandoned subtlety for power. (This high alcohol is also true of the Leonetti I admit.) I hope I have not reached the point where only Chateau Latour would meet my expectations, but I believe a nice Chateau Lagrange, or for the same richness, maybe a 2008 Swansons' Alexis, would be more enjoyable for a fraction of the price. These bordeaux prices have me going back to good Washington wines for a comparative bargain. I.e. the Pontet Canet tastes nothing like what I expect from a Pauillac, and if you want berry juice, why not buy much cheaper US west coast wines? I apologize for the rant, but do hope the views help someone else understand just what is meant by raves about these wines. I.e. this is indeed a powerful concentrated wine, but that does not mean it will offer enjoyment proportional to the price to everyone. To be sure, careful reading of previous notes does reveal the true nature of this wine to the astute reader. Furthermore, most reviewers advise waiting and cellaring this wine. I think they are probably right, as more age can only help, but I cannot predict the future. Sincere thanks to all who tried to help me anticipate what this experience would be like.
  • zimmy07 commented:

    8/29/19, 1:21 PM - I bought 6 cases at $119 for each bottle, so to me it is a bargain. This is an incredible wine in my opinion. Now, I like wines with considerable age. This wine will be amazing when my daughter gets older, she is 3. But most wines I own that are 2009 and younger, I plan to drink in 15-25 years. And these Bordeaux's will still hold up to the test of time, unlike most US wines that are built to drink now. Also a reason Ridge Monte Bello is my most collected wine. so when I post a huge score for this wine, it is because it has what it takes to mature into a great wine. and last one I had I decanted for a day. There is a reason people say not to open these until after 2024 for example. so yes, many wines may be more approachable than this, today, but depending on style, I like to age wine for decades and a 2008 Swanson will not rival this wine in 2035. each person has their own point of view, but I don't open young Bordeaux (2009 and 2010 are very young) before their time unless tasting where it is evolving. The last bottle I had was okay, it was in a dumb phase, so my guess still there

2010 Domaine de Cristia Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend
8/4/2019 - night train Likes this wine:
91 points
Really nice. What I like the most is it leaves no doubt about what it is and where it's from. Berries, garrigue, minerals, a little grilled meat, etc. Medium body, but somehow fairly rich. Very nice finish. As with most recent previous bottle, the lack of tannins limits its usefulness as a food wine. Otherwise, it's flat-out terrific.
  • zimmy07 commented:

    8/13/19, 9:31 PM - Big rocks.......

2016 Château Pontet-Canet Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend
Had to try one young, decanted for 6 hours, very tight wine with thick chewy tannin and but heavy on the oak early. Deep dark fruit powered the mid-palate. Drank 1/2 the bottle and served next day. the following day the tannin reduced into a very silky, round with blue fruits and violet. Ton of violet notes in Pontet Canet in my opinion. another really good wine, comparable to the 2015 but no where close to the 2009 masterpiece
  • zimmy07 commented:

    7/9/19, 9:36 AM - Wineotim, not sure how old you like to drive Bordeaux but the 2009 is such an incredible wine. I had a case, drank a few early and they were incredible and then they tightened up over last 3 years or so. I suggest hold for 5 years and it will be spot on. One of my all time favorite wines, ever, and every year I buy Pontet Canet, love the wine for the price but still chasing what 09 had. Enjoy!!!

  • zimmy07 commented:

    7/9/19, 9:46 AM - do it, it will be great. I have not had one in about 2 years. look forward to seeing your note

  • zimmy07 commented:

    8/9/19, 7:53 AM - I would open one in next 2-3 years because I love young Pontet Canets. But this has decades of life on it. After you drink one you can assess it, but I would not crack one now, way too young. to me they are great about 5 years after vintage date and then shut down hard for a decade than open back up. I love these wines, for the price nothing is close to them IMO.

  • zimmy07 commented:

    8/9/19, 8:03 AM - Great point. Crack one open early and enjoy them! You could easily give a 12 hour decant to open it up.

2009 Cayuse Syrah Bionic Frog Walla Walla Valley
7/31/2018 - beezer6 wrote:
95 points
WX Blind Rhone Varietal Tasting (Presidio - Chicago): Thanks Steve Ha! My man!
Bionic Frog in the house! And my first one at that! A true treat.
I guessed it was Chave blind. So super savory and funky. Bloody steak, bacon fat, smoke, dirty cherries.
Iron ore. This was a wine of complexity yet was still on the medium bodied side. Great acidity and actually a food friendly wine.
Lovely and so fun to try!
  • zimmy07 commented:

    2/4/19, 11:15 AM - I have many Cayuse (fortunate to be on their list for 6 years now) and love them all. I always say I would pick a Cornas or Hermitage if blind. love your description

2014 Cayuse Grenache God Only Knows Walla Walla Valley
4/8/2018 - tomoem Likes this wine:
92 points
It is now day 3 with this wine. I kept it refrigerated and closed for 2 days. I am struggling with this wine. Starts with cooked cherries, some fresh asphalt, and then some cigar box.

I will say this it has a very long and lingering flavor of cigar box and a sweetness of slightly sour blueberries. There is a fair dosage of acidity in the mouth which tells me that this wine likely is opened too young.
  • zimmy07 commented:

    5/21/18, 8:17 PM - I just had a bottle last week. I struggled on this as well. A very odd aftertaste that just stuck to my mid palate. I could not finish the bottle.

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