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2005 Joseph Drouhin Grands-Echezeaux Grands-Echezeaux Grand Cru Pinot Noir
3/28/2015 - ricknat1 wrote:
Still quite closed, a small burnt taste underneath. Others liked it more than me.
  • jdtonic commented:

    9/22/19, 11:09 PM - Underneath what, exactly or in exactly, Sir, if you have a moment.. thx JD

2005 Joseph Drouhin Grands-Echezeaux Grands-Echezeaux Grand Cru Pinot Noir
9/15/2008 - Barbara B wrote:
84 points
Espressione sensoriale del Pinot Nero (Hotel Cavalieri Hilton, Rome): Bright purply-ruby, transparent. Nothing at all at first pour – totally closed. Opened slowly for nose and palate with earth and minerals, modest fruit (strawberry), and some oak. High/sharp acidity, some tannic astringency. Simple and unbalanced. Disappointing.
  • jdtonic commented:

    9/22/19, 11:08 PM - Though no great fan of Ezch, grand, grands petit or not: I think at least a few years to let the ink dry on the label is due diligence from this vineyard... no offense intended, tho. JD

Rosé - Sparkling
N.V. Billecart-Salmon Champagne Brut Rosé Champagne Blend
6/24/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
92 points
Still have NO IDEA where folks are getting vintages for this or Laurent brute Rosé! Far as I know, it’s made up by republicans or some other sort of skinny head.

In any case the more pink, more berried and finer beaded nv Billecart Rosé is the superior drink to the Laurent Perrier Rosé, as expected. Perhaps this is why Laurent brings the metal box into play. Both are off dry, so to speak.

Likely the Laurent is a shrewder gift, more French sounding, a shiny box, AND ALSO MAY BE CONFUSED WITH PERRIER JOUËT, which, I submit, is likely a well-known/loved phenomenon over at Laurent Perrier.

More precise, balanced and longer, if a touch sweeter than L-P, better logo, girls seem to prefer it as well. (Could be a in part a salmon crossover.)

In summary:

P-JOUËT vint Rosé a notch over nv B-Salmon, which a notch over nv L-Perrier, which a notch over
vn Veuve-Cliquot, which is now just over the line of what I avoid due to quality concern.

I advise drinking Salmon Rosé exclusively in order to fund real champagne nights/flights of Salon and Krug- To whom now I retreat hastily back into company with. Ciao. JD
  • jdtonic commented:

    6/24/19, 8:29 AM - My opinion is that Billecart is worth 60 bucks max, Laurent maybe 50. Where I wind up shopping, I’m seeing 80-100 door...
    In other words, I do NOT actually consider these VALUE drinks. Just compromise bubbly, as “real” vintage champ runs 200minimum.

White - Sparkling
2002 Krug Champagne Vintage Brut Champagne Blend
6/21/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
95 points
That pronounced ‘saline bitterness on the mid-palate’ which I saw mentioned in these pages detracts from this not-yet-ready-for-prime-time player. Great yeasty sourdough though. And yellow apples are peeking up like Garcia Lorca from behind unripe watermelons. Interesting...

I think it (that bit of December Gulf Stream) resolves into the ‘titanium peach pith’ of its older brother, but maybe not/ not until NYE 21-22. I don’t think the very picky/wealthy will waste too much time here with the 1996 still readily available, which means, by all means, buy her now if you BELIEVE.

(But I do wonder, was “saline bitterness” mentioned in early tastings by zither/ür/ersatz Illuminati in Krug juveniles from stellar vints like the 1996? Hmmm...)

Delicious with nothing at all while Mr. Chow shouts, sighs, and dies behind me on 57th. Gives battle-fatigued resto staff a noticeable lift for a while, anyway.

94-95 pts
  • jdtonic commented:

    6/22/19, 5:23 PM - Hola Trackers: I saved a coupla gulps with the adorable silver dangling spoon technique. At ten am with a sturgeon bagel, the Krug Deuces was AT LEAST AS GOOD. I plan to corner the 2002 Krug Market— or might put away a rack if/at 200/per. Predict 98 baseline by 2022 NYE. More nuts day two. Almonds I thought, but filberts maybe. Will let the Rapist in Chief “sort out” Iran/Apocalypse first tho... JD

2013 Domaine Méo-Camuzet Richebourg Richebourg Grand Cru Pinot Noir
6/18/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
94 points
My third bottle.

I dropped one outside flatiron wines SF one day, and a hobo commented on the GORGEOUS bouquet when I got back in the car a half hour later, due to her

Fine Blue/Black Fruit & Good spice as mentioned. I do really enjoy this wine, and, at the risk of seeming more daft than usual: it always feels and pours and tastes and seems very PURPLE to me. So herein: Blue and blackberries really are just trying to get to dark grapes in a sense. Sorry. I resist saying more for mysterious personal reasons. Ok: THIS WINE CONFUSES ME. I have only had one DRC Riche, the 05, and it was bigger. With the Méo 13, I suppose, there’s a “dry extract” issue. I wanted more, And, so,
As tasty as this wine very much presents,

I feel obliged to mention that I paid too much for this vint. For good or ill, as trading out at par or better—as with the 2009 Crow— has proved challenging, I will suffer through the six packs... Ha.

(I believe many men have overpaid for bottles with RICHEBOURG written on them. Yes: It helps.)

They run, thus far:
93-96 pts,
based largely on variable perceived extraction.

[ok-Will make a point of a little meo camuzet tasting with other wine studs for our mut Ben later.]
  • jdtonic commented:

    6/19/19, 4:13 PM - Best as an aperitif— to show the Bourg to someone, as it exhibits the terroir, and alone, well enough.

2012 Copain Pinot Noir Monument Tree Anderson Valley
4/13/2019 - MTC2 Likes this wine:
95 points
The most “Burgundian” Pinot Noir outside od Cote de Beune. What I wouldn’t give to have another 3 bottles to open over the next three years.

Deep, dark cherry and forest floor on the nose. Sage, rosemary and thyme. Cherry and strawberry explode on the tongue. Perfectly balanced tanin and acid. So many nuances as yuo sip again and again. This is Pinot Noir aspires to be.
  • jdtonic commented:

    6/16/19, 2:55 PM - “Beaune” carries off the authoritative tone better than does them buns.

2015 Domaine du Vieux Lazaret Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend
6/16/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
91 points
Yeah, I expected more, too, but given only my recollection of the wine itself. The problem, I suppose, is that I was just a twig-bundling peasant slogging thru the rafts of 40-80 buck chuck so very recently, indeed.

Dirty ruby— like Grenache with some Syrah and Mourvèdre thrown innit.

Raspberry schnapps, garrigue, heat and marzipan on the pointer.

I just reördered the same butternut agnolotti here at Balthazar to give her some time to lose her sharp astringency- On verra- and to stuff my pie hole FURTHUR.
  • jdtonic commented:

    6/16/19, 12:13 PM - Good thing I LIKE raspberry schnapps, but this sucker should stay beneath 14% —until they make a few more passes in the harvest, anyhoo...

2008 Kapcsándy Family Winery Estate Cuvée State Lane Vineyard Yountville Red Bordeaux Blend
9/17/2018 - jdtonic wrote:
92 points
Cassis, pen ink and ripe red currants says my wounded snout. Took time to distinguish muddled flavors— I think previous reviews lack of specificity is telling— On her nose.

Good Ruby Purple, low viscosity.

On the palate: flavors are harder to distinguish, though I hold the hues fall more red than blue, and what black may Be in her is a note of singed cedar, or a bit of 1988 Kingsford.

This is not a big wine, though of course size is a relative descriptor—even when concerning physical dimensions.. Though neither is it small. It has been overrated, though, based on my bottle 1, by some wine professionals.

It’s like you got lucky picking among dusty four or five year old St. Emilions for 50 franks (series 1992) in a Parisian alimentation because thank Christ there’s good fruit, fine strength (for 12 clams), and none of that iodine/band-aid must from the stems (and the sweaty �� paws of the berry pickers) you suppose.

It is light, tight and old world and would kill with a steak frites. (Stick with the “Big Wine” from this haus— it’s printed right on the label.)
  • jdtonic commented:

    9/17/18, 7:59 PM - No offense to the previous reviewer, vis: France vs California. I’m right, but it’s really a new Old World profile. The put on only a little fat in the last 3 hours, but makes a SUPERB TINTO DE VERRANO with pelligrino pampelmousse soda. And I mean that as sincere praise. Try it, and you will like it.

  • jdtonic commented:

    6/1/19, 7:34 AM - I had this vint again a week or two ago, during which time had been helping someone with obtaining the Napa Cab portion of a new cellar.

    Her lack of extract and restrained oak was very much welcome. Her nimbleness and mouthfeel are such that only her acidity and youth wanted food. In any event, a nice little cab reminiscent of like 05 Pavillions or Forts. The was a welcome break from a week of Sloan, Fleming, Phelps, Dominus, Miner, etc etc..
    And drank well on a hot hauling workday:

    93—Potentially a bit of upside.

    *******************************************I am waiting to source some before I write a public note, but I will reward my reader [You] by saying this confirmed FACT:


    the 2007 Kelly FLEMING cab was simply SPECTACULAR a few days ago. And the next day nearly as fresh as Silverado TearyI mean of the absolute first rank— nearly as tasty as that 07 kayli with no doctoring OR THE 20o7 Insignia, or a 99 Bryant. Not kidding. Obtain.

    I traded a 2001 Montebello and a big glass of the choice 2000 Yquem for my bottle, and I absolutely came out ahead. Fleming soil sits just above the Eiseley yard in Calistoga (Atlas Norte) —-and a well-kept 2002 EV is not dissimilar to a 2007 KF. Wow. That’s a barrel worth selling a haus after...


2015 Opus One Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
5/1/2019 - Milliontown wrote:
87 points
Transparent ruby-red. Smells very polished and expensive. High new oak influence apparent straight away. A little distracting VA. Aromas of macerated cherries, mulberries, cassis, plum jam, with distinct savoury undertones, sort of a herbaceous character underneath. Intensely focused palate, super juicy and extracted yet sort of oddly compressed. Feels weirdly artificial in a way, in that the length and aftertaste retains its core of chocolatey fruit sweetness for an almost too-long amount of time. Odd. Has an uncanny valley effect on me. Maybe better with food, not sure. Might need to age but overall not my style.
  • jdtonic commented:

    5/27/19, 1:37 PM - The 13 has a gang o mice here on mem day 2019, but the 15 is the star. FYI : zero 14 on hand — had a good laugh with staff when their “sold out” explanation hit the coffee table...

2005 Château Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend
5/6/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
98 points
Early. From 750.
Electric like the 2000- though fruitier. Waves of berries, cigar tobacco, plums and abundant French Roast espresso.

Too much going on, in and out of this bottle, for detailed notes from this layman, but believe the hype..
  • jdtonic commented:

    7/9/18, 11:13 AM - Yes, its a festival of flavor to be sure. going to let M 750s of 2005 sleep til 2020. been hitting the 2003s and splits of the 2000. Life is good. Hey-- if you can find it at 300 clams, the 2007 L from Lewis Cellars seems to be on a similar trajectory. (Plus Half the wine at a minus third the cost, anyhoo) ciao. JD

  • jdtonic commented:

    5/12/19, 11:22 AM - I hope I saved a Lewis L— if I’d just read that note— maybe some kid them— will let you know. Oh: the 2009 Ducru if you find it around 200 smokes. Smokes plums, blackberries, leather, blueberries. Giving early.

1990 Bodegas Vega-Sicilia Ribera del Duero Único Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
9/26/2017 - m.lupus wrote:
98 points
Disclaimer: I had never tasted the 1990 vintage before; perhaps the particular bottle we enjoyed had aged particular well.

I have tasted (even) more expensive wines, such as Pingus, but never a better one. This is a truly majestic wine, awesome and stunning! How such a wine has a rating below 93 whereas a boring fruit bomb like Caymus Special Selection (aka "Liquid Marmelade") typically rates above 94 is an utter mystery to me.

Then again, to paraphrase Mark Twain, let us be thankful for the fools who prefer fruit bombs. But for them, the rest of us could afford Vega Sicilia, and similar wines, even less.
  • jdtonic commented:

    10/7/18, 2:44 PM - The reason garbage vints like silver oak and caymus get high scores is lack of crossover. Ergo: people who drink that swill are unlikely to drink Haut Brion or Vega, and run up the scores at complete unawares that entire bigger universes even right up the road at Phelps even exist.

2002 Dalla Valle Maya Oakville Red Bordeaux Blend
10/3/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
96 points
Deep Purple.

The ultimate bbq vint.

The smoky boysenberry is about right. Whatever
  • jdtonic commented:

    10/5/18, 10:08 PM - Had to share— hugely popular with non vinous folk. Hugely popular with the vinous. Actually made me briefly popular at block party

1990 Château Léoville Las Cases St. Julien Red Bordeaux Blend
9/21/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
97 points
Dark, Smoky Ruby-Colored Wine.
Perfect Bottle into neck.

Reticent Nose of Violin Rosin, ground pencils and black currant liquer. (Sharper than cassis)
Fantastic and unique aromas of pine, bitter chocolate, liquid minerals, cedar, wood polish and plums of various ripeness emerge over first hour in the glassware...
Very young, sharp and EXTREMELY interesting.

Palate like sipping onyx- and silk-infused smoked plum liquer from one of the Stradivari fiddles... Never had a red line more classy tasting. This bottle gives a pointedlesson in that one ☝️ thing which (as yet in my mouth) our California Cabernet simply can not duplicate...

Finish is delicious. A WoW wine. A smarter man would squelch the review. But I’m going to buy some in the next 500 seconds. (And the 2k) JD
  • jdtonic commented:

    10/1/18, 11:36 PM - This bottle —It was first tasted outside Ippuku in sunshine, mind you, 75F, when many reds would demand shade or a tinto di verranesque mixer like Fanta Limón or just AC...
    This was a great wine. The interplaying liquer of lightly smoked herbs and berries in sweet evergreens was immediately recalled—Find cold-kept!

White - Sweet/Dessert
1921 Château d'Yquem Sauternes Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend
My dear friend, the Vicomte André de Toulouse, likes to celebrate Bastille day each year with the sort of feast that would surely have landed all participants in the guillotine.

This particular vintage of Yquem (which I have tasted on only one other occasion, after far too much Champagne to have formed a coherent note) was served at the end of this year's meal with a pan-seared foie gras of most singular provenance. The name and location of the farm from which it had been procured were kept steadfastly secret by my host and his butler. I was told only that it was not AOC classified, owing to the fact that its fowl had been raised exclusively on a diet of black truffles. One can imagine, but can scarcely describe, the richness and complexity such feed imparts. "Qu'ils mangent du foie gras!" bellowed the incorrigible Vicomte, and silver plates of this magnificent preparation were brought round with glasses of the amber Sauternes.

The wine: Well, it too was magnificent, caressing the palate as fine silk sheets do the body—deliciously, richly, and yet rather coolly. While mature, it remains taut—even severe. I was reminded of a stern, aging matron of French who used to come to the manor for my weekly lesson; age had softened her, but not very much; she wore scarves and smoked long and thin cigarettes; unused to nonsense she employed a firm touch. Well, you can imagine...

A final note: for all the whimsy of this particular feast, there was also admirable care taken in its preparation and design. The final dish, described here, brought full circle a progression of almost architectural intricacy, and echoed earlier courses of duck a l'orange (served with a '45 La Romanée) and a consommé of juvenile truffle hog.

I am most grateful to my host for arranging this event. He really is a most remarkable sybarite. What a happy miracle that his noble line should have escaped the proletariat's blade!
  • jdtonic commented:

    10/1/18, 10:55 PM - Goddamit, That is one tasty tasting note, by Gum and by God!

    Gracias, Gilt-Amigo.

    [Fuck the Proles-Thin the Herd-Smoke a Bowl]

2012 Tusk Estates Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
6/10/2017 - Cristal2000 Likes this wine:
97 points
Orange County Napa Cab Taste Off (Lang's House): I've had Tusk a number of times, and this is the first time I've ever had it when it wasn't the best wine at the table. I think that is more a reflection of the other wines than a knock against it, because it was exceptional and one person even had it #1. Overall, it was a consensus 4 of 5.

Amazing Pritchard Hill nose of blackberries, liqueur, forest floor and licorice. The mouthfeel on this wine is amazing, just smooth as silk. Stacked and concentrated with great complexity and a very long finish. Where it lost a couple points is at times it felt a bit flabby compared to the other wines. That said, it was also continuing to get better and better over the 12 hours it was open.

A tremendous wine, but QPR wise struggled against less expensive competition. I'd like to open a 2013 among the same group, because it is noticeably better than the 2012.
  • jdtonic commented:

    9/29/18, 12:14 PM - What were the other wines at the table?
    The 2001 Insignia has started to sing, btw. Thanks.

1988 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Hermitage Syrah
9/14/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
93 points
Sour cherries. Some coffee, some —- no notes. There was some white pepper, yeah.
Was in the mood for berries.

Added a bit of honey.

—A bit better, but the sourness suggested to my nostrils a 3 hour stint in the back of a locked Volvo Wagon, a 1977 diesel, green in the summer, in northern Michigan—

Then gave it away. Twice.
  • jdtonic commented:

    9/19/18, 4:27 PM - GAS VOLVO. BLUE.

White - Sparkling
2009 Louis Roederer Champagne Cristal Brut Champagne Blend
7/18/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
92 points
Stranded at JFK—was the best wine they had at the (fake) caviar bar.

Frothy bead and peach �� notes on this bottle. TBH, I found the sweetness cloying. There’s a reason that you find these “cheap” and that it’s generally the preferred vint of Non Wine Drinkers.. just the same. Not shitty.

Btw: I find the yellow plastic wrapper cheesy like bad hip-hop..
  • jdtonic commented:

    7/24/18, 8:22 AM - Things have a momentum. Cristal in the black and Dom P in the white communities are generally the only known marquees. I guess Whitey wins there, too. (I’ll take it.)
    Just got a small clutch of the 2008 Cristal. I guess that’s like picking Mos Def and De La out of a sea of hip-hop... Ciao.

2000 Château Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend
7/9/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
97 points
From .375

On the PNP tip: A waft of the BDX profile about as intense as it comes, with rose petals.

Blueberries on the nose. Roses. Some cassis.

Blueberry crumble on the palate. Served on a stone table with cream and honeyed Earl Grey tea. Definitely a bit of char where the crumble touched the side of the oven, and a few red raspberries fell into the filling. Oh, and the bike guy in leather at the next (cedar) table is drinking hot coffee...

Wonderful wine. To tasty to last/was still opening at the 2 hour mark.
  • jdtonic commented:

    7/9/18, 5:15 PM - Milady says she stashed her glass for me to come back to!

2009 Miner Family Pinot Noir "777" Rosella's Vineyard Santa Lucia Highlands
12/25/2016 - psiweaver Likes this wine:
95 points
Very tasty. Lots of cherry and cranberry. Fantastic bottle that should easily go much longer.
  • jdtonic commented:

    9/28/17, 11:05 AM - hi psi weaver-- thanks for your comments on these pages. i think our tastes overlap some. but anyway: did you find any bricking, stewyness, dead fruit n flowrs or other signs that this miner 777 was peaking or past peak? Thx, tonic.

  • jdtonic commented:

    7/9/18, 11:06 AM - thx.

2015 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon Special Selection Napa Valley
12/25/2017 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
92 points
Ruby Purple. Medium Full body.
A bit hot out of the gate— blowing off some...

Vanilla extract, hot black cherries, alcohol, Frosted nuts, and some more subtle toasted oak on a sweet and clean finish. Shows some ganache with air. Tasty.

“Deliciously uncomplicated.” The ‘14 was better wine. Both gifts from non-winos. Congrats Camus on staying in the game.

Will update if warranted.
(Some distinct Notes of twizzlerz licorice/marzipan at the two hours mark.)

Happy Holies.
  • jdtonic commented:

    4/21/18, 11:06 PM - Thankee well, sir! My error was posting/labeling my impressions of the 2014 Caymus SS under vintage 2015...


2003 Château Léoville Poyferré St. Julien Red Bordeaux Blend
From a half bottle, first Coravin pour:
Dear lord! This wine is so bloody oaky. It started to blow off after 2 hours. Not sure what others did in terms of decanting, but my experience from this bottle is "hell yes!". I had a full bottle about 4 years ago and it was not as oaky but decanting would of helped there as well.

There is some darker red fruit and cigar on the nose. The palate was initially harsh with too much oaky intensity but it got smoother and fruitier with time. The 2003 is just so much huger than the 2000 and 2005 I've had recently. The 2005 had a ton of structure, sure, but felt more elegant and fruit driven. The 2000 was softer and bretty.

The more I drink Cabernet, the more I want fruit over oak, though ideally I want some of both. I'm going to score this low for now, but will update if future Coravin pours convince me otherwise.
  • jdtonic commented:

    12/3/17, 8:45 AM - On behalf of coravin corporation, thanks so very much.
    On behalf of those of us who have never used the machinery: what in gods name are you tAlking about?

1978 Stephen Zellerbach Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley
12/17/2009 - WetRock wrote:
Still very rich in a redwoody older Cab sort of sense but not close to being over the hill. Not a lot of complexity with the entry and finish still strong but a bit week in the middle. A surprise for how alive and strong this still was though. I liked it for its older styled Cab qualities.
Word is the 'zell' in Hanzell is from this label's name sake.
  • jdtonic commented:

    11/26/17, 12:08 PM - Thought Hanzell was that blonde male model’s retirement play after Zoolander built the School for Kids who Don’t Write Good...

White - Sweet/Dessert
1985 Château Rieussec Sauternes Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend
8/23/2015 - WineCellarTV Likes this wine:
91 points
1989 is driven by rich and ripe fruit of apricot, honey, orange zest and herbal spiciness (ginger!) all in a juicy package of great joy.
Harmonious, concentrated and medium-complex.
  • jdtonic commented:

    11/26/17, 11:32 AM - Thats nice. Any thoughts on the ‘85?

1998 David Arthur Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
5/12/2014 - 55degrees Does not like this wine:
85 points
thin in color with good legs. reddish brown. nose of some fruit but mainly cigar box with a vegetable character.
Very one dimensional with no real fruit to speak of maybe just a trace but overwhelmed by alcohol.
not necessarily past its prime (didnt have it younger) this is just showing poorly from a poor vintage IMHO.
  • jdtonic commented:

    10/29/17, 1:31 PM - Almost certainly a cooked or corked bottle, IMEO.

  • jdtonic commented:

    11/11/17, 6:08 PM - Actually thought we were commenting on the altitude cuvee, but will stand by my (entirely speculatively if) educated assessment in light of a stream of very fine (and older) neighboring napa cabs consumed in the last month which have been both better than delicious, and fresher than fresh!
    Tonight’s 1987 Volcanic Hill has sweet tannin polished past a positively greasy feel in the mouth of her perfumed ruby-purple juice...

  • jdtonic commented:

    11/11/17, 6:17 PM - Yeah, I know: Diamonds and David Arthurs are in comparing like as apples and o’s, but for the record, my date on the D.Art (Bas) vines stands at 2002, and taking suspect provenance personally is kinda like internalizing contempt for the outfits worn by your parents on (or before) the night you were conceived.. rite?

  • jdtonic commented:

    11/12/17, 6:38 AM - So sorry you had a bad bottle. I’ve been fortunate with David Arthur 1147 and “Bas” Cuvées...
    Good Luck in Every Good Thing, Bud.

1997 Chateau Montelena Cabernet Sauvignon The Montelena Estate Napa Valley
7/31/2006 - jdtonic wrote:
90 points
Not ready yet. tight. Not as tasty as the dominus/dunns of this vintage. very heavy, dense. closed red/blk fruit, blk licorice? some herbaceous (pine, eucalyptus) notes but, this bottle, my first Monty, was far less interesting and less tasty than the fairly simple but luscious 97 insignia, to let alone dominus.
  • jdtonic commented:

    10/29/17, 10:11 PM - Thanks Dave. Have enjoyed one Montelena since- need to explore that house further..

1982 Bodegas Vega-Sicilia Ribera del Duero Único Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
Drank with Pablo at Tenzing spirits. Pablo's first vintage after Tenzing the historic winery.
  • jdtonic commented:

    5/9/17, 1:32 PM - THAT'S JUST GREAT. THANKS!

2007 Archery Summit Pinot Noir Red Hills Estate Dundee Hills
4/20/2017 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
93 points
Know someone who doubts that the esters in wine mimic other flavors in the world?
Pour a glass of the Archery Summit 2007 red hills and dare them not to taste blueberry.
Is it compote, pie, liquor or pail full?
Yes, it is!
Something like 20% Gamay. Helps.
  • jdtonic commented:

    4/21/17, 6:52 AM - 93-94pts

1989 Château Palmer Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend
7/8/2016 - WildWinery Likes this wine:
95 points
Il a la force du soleil qui se reflète dans le cristal et la classe qu'on envie aux acteurs des années 70. A la fois suave et fruité, dans une expression indescriptible... Un gentleman en costume dans une étable corse!
  • jdtonic commented:

    12/8/16, 9:15 AM - Sur la base de votre commentaire, je vais ensuite prendre une bouteille à The Plumed Horse. Chin-Chin.

2000 Château Haut-Brion Pessac-Léognan Red Bordeaux Blend
11/28/2016 - dharrison93 Likes this wine:
100 points
Joyous perfection. Drank with friends at a local restaurant after a splash decant. Mature and in a sweet spot. Dazzling ebullient nose of dark berries, mocha and plum. Seamless, palate coating taste and full 20 second finish.
If a date, this was a 30 year old psychology PhD grad who fascinates you all evening over dinner before taking you back to her place and fascinating you in ways other than verbally.
Easily can age another 1-2 decades but is currently in a sweet spot so why wait?
  • jdtonic commented:

    12/7/16, 7:27 AM - Ya, but if it were a chick on a date... Any Thoughts?

  • jdtonic commented:

    12/7/16, 7:46 AM - Oh, there it is! Thanks and Regards, D.H.

2005 Château Giscours Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend
10/25/2016 - Wangenhome wrote:
  • jdtonic commented:

    12/7/16, 6:31 AM - Beim.

2003 Château Léoville Poyferré St. Julien Red Bordeaux Blend
10/28/2016 - wineforth Likes this wine:
92 points
Nose a little muted (caramel? And raspberries ), much better balanced than last time, lots of soft fruits and tannins. Long finish of dark fruits. Fully mature now. Was better a couple of years ago when the blackcurrant nose was still there, so drink up unless old wines are your thing.
  • jdtonic commented:

    12/6/16, 12:03 PM - "...unless old wines are your thing." This is a classic.

2007 Domaine Ponsot Morey St. Denis 1er Cru Cuvée des Alouettes Pinot Noir
11/29/2015 - Eckie wrote:
95 points
WWW, Rotterdam. Just a sensational bottle. Given the other ratings, this must have been one of those bottles. Extremely focussed and powerful, yet restrained and precise. Small sips were enough for an explosion on the palate, so the bottle lasted twice as long.
  • jdtonic commented:

    12/1/16, 9:37 AM - Can't help thinking that the Dutch terroir played a role here...

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