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2010 La Rioja Alta Rioja Viña Ardanza Reserva, Selección Especial Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
Decanted 2 hours before dinner and it still improved in the glass. Red berries with earthy notes and ethereal in the background, fresh and elegant with long finish, the oak is well balanced and will support further development, but does not dominate.
It's not the first vintage of this wine I am tasting, but it's very different to the others, less primary fruit and less expressive than usually in this stage but there is an elegance and balance that is very promising, while already very good, I think that this wine will honour the one having enough patience, should be great in 5 to 10 years. Superb price to quality relation.
  • amateur62 commented:

    11/28/20, 10:44 PM - Thanks for the comments, I will keep my eyes open for older vintages.

2014 Château Meyney St. Estèphe Red Bordeaux Blend
11/27/2020 - Léognan Likes this wine:
91 points
P&P aus dem Keller bei etwa 16/17°
1 3/4 Jahre später hat sich der Wein deutlich gemäßigt. Die Diskrepanz Nase-Gaumen hat sich gelegt und der Wein ist nun einfach ein sehr guter junger Saint-Estephe aus einem für diese Appellation sehr guten Jahr geworden, in einem modernen Sinn klassisch und durchaus mächtig: Lakritz, Cassis (von ganz wenig Kardamom überlagert), Zigarrenkiste, eher Zeder als Tabak. Tannin immer noch etwas rauh. Irgendwie schade für die Nase, dass dieses Geruchsmonster von damals, diese immense Weihrauchintensität Vergangenheit ist, tröstlich jedoch, dass das, was jetzt da ist, gut trinkbar sich gibt, mit Potenzial für mindestens 15 Jahre.
Ganz anders als der 15er dieses Frühjahr, weniger hedonistisch, und erst recht weniger bombastisch als der jüngst geöffnete und getrunkene 18er.
Jetzt muss ich wohl demnächst einmal an den 16er ran (nach den günstigen Notizen auf CT)...
Momentan 91 Punkte, mit Luft nach oben
Mit Luftzufuhr nach 2 Stunden auch schwarze Kirsche und etwas ebensolcher Pfeffer, mittellanger Abgang
  • amateur62 commented:

    11/27/20, 11:01 AM - Yep, I plan to drink my first bottle 2026, recently I drunk my last bottle of 2002 that is now in a nice spot.

2015 Domaine de Montbourgeau Savagnin L'Etoile
6/19/2020 - markcic wrote:
I opened the bottle and it was oxidized. I opened three more to have the same result. I will have a discussion with my wine seller. I was going to open another one as I have two more but dinner was ready so I opened a chablis which was good.
  • amateur62 commented:

    6/21/20, 1:13 AM - These traditional Jura Savagnin are produced in barrels that are not filled up to get these oxidative notes (nutty with lovage and curry), not made for everybody and not so easy to pair with food, I like them best with old tasty cheese. 2015 bottling might be still too young for consumption and requires a lot of air to come together (same I had with a 2014 bottling of this wine some days ago). Happy to have still a bottle in my cellar.

  • amateur62 commented:

    6/23/20, 10:26 AM - My wife would also prefer the Peter Michael Chardonnay Belle Côte, I usually have to drink these Savagnin on my own. :-)

2009 Château Mazeyres Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend
9/5/2017 - amateur62 wrote:
90 points
Mazeyres is a wine for easy drinking in its youth, but has also potential to age and win in complexity, now it is in an intermediate state where the sweet fruit is going to dissipate and it just starts to enter the second drinking window that will easily last for the next six to twelve years. On the nose still quite primary with cassis and other black berries, on the palate slightly bitter tannins that needs some time to open, good freshness, finish is medium. 90 points now with potential for more.
  • amateur62 commented:

    4/24/20, 12:51 PM - Thanks a lot for the comment, seems that it is time to open another bottle.

2014 Château Carbonnieux Blanc Pessac-Léognan Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend
11/22/2019 - amateur62 Likes this wine:
92 points
PnP. Typical Sauvignon nose with a lot of tropical fruits and a hint of gooseberry, fresh. On the palate high acidity, mouth watering and a long finish, very precise, matched perfect to the smoked salmon. Blind I would point to a very good Sauvignon from Marlborough. In a nice spot now, has nicely evolved in the last two years, has put some weight. Drink within the next two years if you like the primary fruit but don't worry, it will age nicely for many years.
  • amateur62 commented:

    12/4/19, 8:43 PM - Happy to hear this! I plan anyway to store some bottles, hope I will still be able to enjoy it in 20 years as not only the wine will age :-)

2002 Château Duhart-Milon Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend
9/13/2019 - Anonymous wrote:
87 points
Nice fruit, but extremely soft to the point of having virtually no tannins. Not much complexity either. Medium-short finish. I'm thinking this would have been a lot better 7-10 years ago. It is nice to drink a 12.5% alcohol red wine though.
  • amateur62 commented:

    9/13/19, 8:15 PM - 7 to 10 years ago this wine was quite austere and not very enjoyable, it is much better now if you like mature, classical wines and have time to decant it.

  • amateur62 commented:

    9/14/19, 6:29 AM - My last bottle a year ago was quite good looking at the vintage. So I will open soon the next bottle and hope it is not already tired as your bottle was, thanks.

2012 Domaine de la Bongran (Thevenet) Viré-Clessé Cuvée E. J. Thevenet Chardonnay
4/6/2019 - Puteljen! wrote:
89 points
On the nose sweet and honeyed with hints of botrytis. Lemon, lime, meringue pie, custard, apricots. Some light spice. On the palate concentrated but fairly fresh with good acidity. Spice and fruit intermingle. Some vanilla. Perhaps a bit clumsy or at least not in perfect harmony. In the finish evident oak, almost tannic and a bit bitter. Good, but oak a bit too heavy at present.

Edit: I’ve since heard Thevenet does not use much oak so I guess those tannins are from something else. But I could have sworn it was oak!
  • amateur62 commented:

    4/9/19, 3:26 AM - It is not oak, it's just from the ripe fruit, Thevenet has an aversion against oak.

  • amateur62 commented:

    4/9/19, 3:36 AM - Yes, we had the same impression, but we were corrected by Thevenet at his cellar.

2011 Fratelli Brovia Barolo Rocche di Castiglione Nebbiolo
5/26/2018 - amateur62 Likes this wine:
93 points
Short note. Discreet nose with sour cherry and herbs, on the palate fresh and elegant, long finish. Very young now, has a good structure for a nice future, 2020-2035.
  • amateur62 commented:

    5/27/18, 7:39 AM - Ja genau, ist zu empfehlen.

2015 Domaine du Pelican Chardonnay Arbois
12/9/2016 - dchain Does not like this wine:
85 points
Light gold. Quiet closed. No sense of the grape or underlying fruit. Very austere on the palate and light. Painfully acidic. Poor value for money. Avoid unless you love drinking acid...
  • amateur62 commented:

    12/9/16, 11:59 PM - ... or love to wait some more years. :-)

  • amateur62 commented:

    12/11/16, 9:20 AM - I'm not that experienced with tastings from the barrel, but I am a lover of Jura wines (I frequently visit Arbois), though I appreciate the wines from Burgundy a lot. So it was more a remark from a lover than from an expert.

    Nevertheless, in general I am quite impressed about the improvements they did in Jura with non oxidized wines especially with Chardonnay (with Naturé I had not only good experiences), about their unique style, about the aging potential some wines have and how often I was wrong about it (in both ways). I tried this year several wines from 2015 vintage and was also surprised about the high acidity and the mineral style in some wines from this hot year.

2015 Domaine Rolet Arbois Naturé du Jura Savagnin
9/23/2016 - nzinkgraf wrote:
Savagnin (Nature is the local name for this grape.). Close relative of Alsace's Traminer, 22% of Jura Vineyards, thick skin. Slow ripening.
Light white flower aromas. Lots of character on the palate, perhaps a small amount of barrel used. Mineral. Very good.

65 ha in 3 appellations, 4 bros and sis's.
  • amateur62 commented:

    9/23/16, 11:06 AM - Usually Naturé is used for Savagnin that is not oxidative matured. Nevertheless the price to quality relation is great, isn't it?

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